Okay, spill it!

We were doing good with the potty training until recent events kept us away from home quite a bit, then things started to fall apart. Now he is back to flat out refusing to go, holding it at all costs as I have him sit on the potty. He would rather hold it all day than listen to me and take five seconds to go on the potty. Of course, this wasn’t the case three days ago when he went on the potty four times, but three of those times, he was trying to be fancy or something and got it all over the floor. And when I try to just make him stay on the potty in the hopes that eventually he won’t be able to hold it much longer, he tries to get what he wants by scooting around the floor. Now that really pisses me off for some reason.

I am at my wit’s end.

I’ve tried everything. We have talks, he has a book, real underware, pull-ups, the potty’s been in the living room at times, I’ve praised and rewarded, I’ve threatened, we have a sticker chart… you name it. Yet nothing works. This kid is now three years old and it’s driving me crazy.

I think this just goes back to rebellion, he doesn’t want to do it because I want him to do it. It’s like when he sits there and he crosses one leg over the other so that if he does go it will end up all over the floor, or he sits wrong and I tell him to sit right, he refuses. He either says “no” or cries about something else or just flat ignores me. He just refuses and it’s entirely stressing me out.

And when he does go, after all stress, it is getting really hard to praise him for it by that time because I’m just totally sick and tired of his crap.

So the last time I talked about this, some of you said you would have advice, should I ask. So I’m asking. I’m begging. I’m pleading.

Spill your secrets here for all of us to share… please?