killing us

So. You all know that each Sunday I help direct and edit a live-to-tape production right? Well, it all started two and a half weeks ago…

I was the lone director/editor that day and I came out of our little bathroom to see a kid standing at Camera #1. His older brother was supposed to be running that camera for me that day but we were starting and I assumed older brother, A, was sick or something, and so had sent J in his place. So J ran the camera. He’d done it one time before – for something that wasn’t aired or anything, about 9 months ago, and I kept him off of close-ups and things I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle.

Been there, done that, couldn’t log in.

Classroom So… I wrote this yesterday…

I had to go to a public school today, to help with some computer stuff. The same lady that always has me do things for their homes and offices, is a teacher, so here I am. I’m stylin’ today. For once I feel like I look good, but it takes me two seconds to realize how out of place I look. For one, I have to be the only person within a five mile radius who is wearing shorts. All the high schoolers are wearing jeans and all the teachers are wearing nice pants or dresses, etc. Even though school is officially out, I notice the looks from the teachers in the halls right away. What possessed me to wear shorts? Honestly, the thought never even occurred to me.


I can’t sleep.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the house that my great-grandparents owned. Maybe it’s because I dreamed about it a few weeks ago. And then it didn’t help that my sister-in-law posted some photos of it in her Flickr account (by the way, thanks in advance, Morgan, for letting me use your photos, haha). ;-) Either way, I’ve been thinking about it. And yes, we all know how nostalgic I can be. Get over it.

I can remember every inch of that land.

There’s a long driveway, and it’s rock. But not the kind of rock that we have here, not that white dusty stuff. It’s smooth rock. Not so dusty. Brown, red, black rock. The driveway was long, but not so long you couldn’t see the house from the main road. There weren’t any trees in the front yard, except off to the side, only Grandma’s hanging black kettle that she planted flowers in. To the right of the driveway, there were two mimosa trees, decent-sized ones at that. I loved those trees.

Further along was a little shed, then a propane tank. Often, in the spring, there would be a nest of baby birds under the cap of the tank. You could hear them chirping as you walked by. Sometimes Grandpa would give us a little peek at them, but we never bothered them. After that was Grandpa’s dog pens. When I was younger, he had several beagles. He loved his beagles. I remember one older dog who had puppies a couple of times, Queenie. She was my favorite.

I must be going crazy!

There is no other explanation.

Last night, I set out to continue upgrading sites I host/run to the newest version of WordPress (2.0.4) that has numerous bug fixes, etc. I went down my list of sites, clicked on the first one in alphabetical order, went to the admin panel… 2.0.4… okay, good. The next one… also already 2.0.4… skip one I know I did… check the next one, I know there’s no way I’ve done this one yet… 2.0.4…

I totally don’t remember upgrading these sites. Heck, I don’t even remember updating a lot of those to 2.0.3!

I must be going crazy. Either that or I now sleep-design.

Hey, that would be nice. A lot of those sites need major overhauls. But then again, maybe that’s why I feel like I’m never getting any good sleep?

Okay, well off to do the last site… this one’s a doosy. Still at 1.5.3!! :-)

The fortune you seek is in another cookie

How about some Friday randomness?

Random Item #1 – I really did get that line in a fortune cookie a couple of months ago. I was out with Elijah, Sarah, Mom, My brother, Morgan, and their baby. We were all opening our fortunte cookies and they were starting to get frustrated with me because I couldn’t seem to stop laughing at mine… until I finally read it aloud that is… “The fortune you seek is in another cookie.”