What I learned about editing DNS Zone Files

Do not remove the old account before attempting to change the zone file to the new account.

Just trust me on this one. That is, unless you want your domain name to be offline for a day and a half, too…


A B C D I J K M M Z!!

That’s my boy!

I’m going hoarse today because he keeps asking me, “wine more time!” He wants me to “sing the letters.”

Now he’s over there with his letters from the refrigerator and he amazes me so much. He’s able to identify many of them after very few times of us going over them. He keeps picking one up, taking it to Steve, and saying, “look, it’s a V,” or “look, it’s H.” He even told Steve that Z was for Zebra then ran to find his toy zebra in his room. I don’t even remember telling him that Z was for Zebra! Steve can even tell him tell him, “go get me an E,” and he does.

He can identify his numbers, too, up to 10, except for the single 0 I think. He gets confused between 0 and O and just tells me what color they are instead.

I mean, maybe he’s completely normal and all kids do this at his age, but I’m so proud – his memory just amazes me!

Well, to tell you the truth, we do things a little differently here.

So according to treehelp.com, redbud trees are supposed to bloom in the early spring. The photos that I took of my neighbor’s redbud flowers/trees were taken in April of this year.

So, what’s up with this then?

Redbud Flowers Crop

Yes, folks, there you have it. We have what is apparently a redbud tree in our rosebush box that has bloomed in this beautiful September. This reminds me of last October, when I had some lilacs bloom!

another freaky website (aboutus.org)

I’m really not surprised. Not one bit. But here’s another website that’s publishing our information without permission.

This time they claim to be a wiki and that they are gathering information about other websites. On the page aboutus.org/spoken-for.org, I found the first part of my about page was ripped off and I was listed as having lived in the US and they listed an email address for me as well as links to Alexa about my website and sites they considered to be related (75% were not related whatsoever including a blog I recognize but don’t visit but is marked by Alexa as being related to me).

Now, as disturbing as that all was, there are even more disturbing “wiki website” pages. I looked up some on friends. One friend has their whole address and phone number listed… along with a Google map to their house. That is disturbing. They even grabbed the image of a friend’s website header and put it on his page.