Well, to tell you the truth, we do things a little differently here.

So according to treehelp.com, redbud trees are supposed to bloom in the early spring. The photos that I took of my neighbor’s redbud flowers/trees were taken in April of this year.

So, what’s up with this then?

Redbud Flowers Crop

Yes, folks, there you have it. We have what is apparently a redbud tree in our rosebush box that has bloomed in this beautiful September. This reminds me of last October, when I had some lilacs bloom!

Of course, the story behind this redbud tree is that we thought it was just another weed in the rosebush box and Steve asked his mom what she thought it was. They came to the conclusion that it was a redbud tree. Okay, I said, move it then. Okay, okay. Later, much later, I ask him again to move it, and he says that he’s discovered it’s just a weed, he’s going to cut it down. So do it! Much more time passes and when I discovered a morning glory coming out of the patio and literally suffocating our rose bushes, I went at cutting everything that was not a rose bush down.

Well, when I had cut at it, it had gotten to a point where it was just too tough for my little shears, so I left it alone for Steve to remove the rest of the way when he had a chance. And, of course, less than a week later, Steve gets an earful from Neighbor Lady who just had to let him know that he shouldn’t have cut it down. But, as you can see, the redbud is not only still there, but it IS indeed a redbud and now, in September, it has bloomed, in two spots. Neither cluster very large, of course, but it just amazes me that everything else is out there dying for the winter and this little guy is not only still living after I butchered it (still thinking it was a weed, of course) but putting out flowers!

Nature amazes me.