A B C D I J K M M Z!!

That’s my boy!

I’m going hoarse today because he keeps asking me, “wine more time!” He wants me to “sing the letters.”

Now he’s over there with his letters from the refrigerator and he amazes me so much. He’s able to identify many of them after very few times of us going over them. He keeps picking one up, taking it to Steve, and saying, “look, it’s a V,” or “look, it’s H.” He even told Steve that Z was for Zebra then ran to find his toy zebra in his room. I don’t even remember telling him that Z was for Zebra! Steve can even tell him tell him, “go get me an E,” and he does.

He can identify his numbers, too, up to 10, except for the single 0 I think. He gets confused between 0 and O and just tells me what color they are instead.

I mean, maybe he’s completely normal and all kids do this at his age, but I’m so proud – his memory just amazes me!