Time’s a Wastin’?

I have looked high and low for that song (and by “high and low” I mean on my program where I buy my MP3’s – yes, buy) and I cannot seem to find it anywhere!

Anyway, Saturday was… a mess.

I was supposed to have a fair. You know, it was one of those things where I got up at 5.15am and showered and dressed then dragged everyone else out of bed (took me a half an hour to get Steve up, reminiscent of only Sunday mornings; how it is that he can get up every day at that time or earlier for work relatively without problems then sleep for 12 hours and not be able to get up on a Sunday morning at 9 or 9.30 is beyond me) and loaded up the Jeep and trailer with candles and the tent and tables and shelving and other various supplies, piled everyone in, left, stopped at a gas station for much needed ice and wake-me-ups (aka Mountain Dew), drove an hour, and then…

…Got rained out.

Content thieves: bitacle.org

Okay, so I have, at this time, no better way to describe these people.

This morning, the first thing I saw in my email box was a trackback to my most recent entry (which, btw, I was on the way to make private). Visiting this site, I was presented with my whole entry, complete with every little word I wrote, every page I linked to. Looking at the bottom of the page for a comment form or contact information, I found one, but also found links to other entries of mine. It lists 440 total. They ripped off my whole site!

And not only this, but they plaster the website with Google ads. (Oh, trust me, as soon as I finish this post, I’m contacting Google. They also have a Gmail login box from their main page.)

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Okay, I don’t know what to do.

The very beginning of ths month, a candle order came through for seven candles. Four of my best-internet-selling scent. I had to ship this in two boxes: the four in one priority box, and then the remaining three in a flat-rate priority. The first went out September 5th and the second went out on the 6th. Right away, I lost money on this deal because I had neglected to fix my shipping methods when I upgraded my shopping cart. So I was paid only $9 for shipping and it cost me $12.60 on the first box and $8.10 on the second.

Because of a recent shipment to Bes, where one candle broke (someone HAD to have hit it with something or dropped the box, you can see the point of impact *), I got insurance on the first box, that’s $1.35 of the $12.60 where contents are insured at $28 (4 x $7). I failed to insure the second box.

Why is it…

…every time I see a house for sale that I at least kinda-sorta like, it’s either too expensive…

Too Expensive

…or doesn’t have a basement?

No Basement



This is just a quicky. It’s only 11pm but I feel it should be about 3am, I’m so tired.

Here’s a pic of my sweetie from today. Maybe from it you think you can guess the type of day I’ve had? (Well, trust me, you cannot. Heehee.)

Water Fountain

More later, I have an early morning!