Turkey Day in Review

So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was really good. :)

We went first to my parents’ house and got together with some extended family and then went to Steve’s parents’ house for an immediate family gathering there. Mostly I have pictures from the first gathering, I took a few at the second but none were as good as these.

Adriana Gina & Elijah Grandpa Photogenic Boy

Adriana and her grandpa Grandpa and Mom Niacin Boy

Of course, most of the photos are of Elijah and my niece, it seems. That would be because, not only did I, for once, not take a lot of photos, but both of them are just so darn cute and photogenic!

Yup. Jury Duty.

Looks like I report for jury duty Monday. I have to be there in the early afternoon, which surprised me. I hope I can find the place I’m supposed to park in okay, amongst other things… ;-)

I’m kinda excited though, I’m one of the few who’s never tried to get out of jury duty (not that I would have had a chance before now, of course) and this is not county, it’s district, so this could be kinda cool. Provided they actually put me on one, of course…

Only time will tell.

Jury Duty

Maybe. I did get a paper back for district court and I have to call in this Friday evening to see what I’m supposed to do. From then I’m on call for a while. So, yeah, if I like, don’t exist for a while, that’s why. I’ve never done this before, hope I can figure it out…