Why Bath and Body Works is silly

This year I did about 90% of my Christmas shopping for “the girls” from bathandbodyworks.com. I placed three different orders in November (lol) and then another in December for some things I had to get to replace the mistake I made in the first orders (accidentally getting two lotions instead of a lotion and a body wash because apparently I can’t read) and then one final order once their after Christmas sale came out… that last little bit of stuff was for me. ;-)

But it’s that fourth order, the first one this month, that I want to tell you about. This is interesting. I guess.

Guitar? Two.

Ah, yes, remember he wanted a guitar?

Here it is! :-)


The real question, though? How long until he breaks it?

He has, however, been playing along with his favorite songs and singing. It’s adorable. Sadly, though, it’s very hard to get a decent video of this. You bring out the camera and he clams up. Oh well. :)

So I have this USB cable…

…and I have NO clue what it goes to.

Don’t you just hate that?

It all started today when the new wireless mouse arrived. This mouse came with a USB cable that you are to charge its batteries with. The non-USB end looks suspiciously like the end of the cable that goes to my camera, makes me wonder if they are interchangeable or not. And speaking of the camera, I’m not even sure which cable came with it – I don’t know if I’m using the same cable or maybe the one that came with the old camera. Whichever one I’m using… I have no clue where the other is.

Gathering First

Tonight was our first Christmas gathering 2006. We have the typical four gatherings this year. There’s a fifth this year, but we won’t be able to make it as it’s next Thursday night. Tonight was the night with my mom’s family – her dad and siblings and all their kids, etc.

We always have so much fun. :) I love seeing those guys. Now that everyone’s getting older, too, it seems that this time of year is the only time I get to see some of them. For instance, my cousin and his wife now live many miles away from us, on the East Coast. The only thing is, it’s very chaotic and sometimes a little disappointing in some aspects – I wish I’d been able to talk more to him and his wife tonight, but there’s just not enough time. (That’s why we have email!)

My uncle brought out some old yearbooks and stuff that my great aunt gave him to split between the three siblings – so we got to see, for the first time, my grandma’s senior picture among other things (she died in 1963). So that got things rolling and one of my cousins decided she needed some of the old pictures, so I’m sitting her now printing some. I’m really impressed with how some of these – the ones that have been scanned more recently – are coming out. Really nice.

I was going to go through an upload pictures from tonight but it’s almost 3am. Eek. Where did the time go? My fingers are about to freeze off, so I’ll update this post later. ;-)


He can pronounce it correctly now, and Wednesday night, me and my boy rode a camel!

Elijah and Mommy on a Camel

And, nope, we didn’t get spit on!

I took E and Sarah and my sister and her boyfriend up to Belleville, ILL to the Our Lady of the Snows shrine to see the Way of Lights. The lights were great and they also had a number of other attractions such as the camel rides and a free petting zoo (which E went absolutely nuts in, he was SO excited), a Christmas tree display, kid’s area, live music, wreath display, and more. It was pretty cool, maybe we can make this a yearly thing.

It was also especially nice to have some of the Christmas spirit surrounding us. It’s been a Christmas season unlike any other so far. We’ve had temperatures in the 60’s and as of lately, lots of rain, making it feel more like spring than December. I’ve hardly worn my coat at all, usually going out in that green zip sweatshirt you just saw in that photo. And besides all that, I decided not to decorate the house this year. No tree, nothing. Just the lights that are in E’s room all the time (and he’s not getting them turned on right now because he figured out how to undo the child-outlet-lock a while ago and won’t leave the plug-in alone). I just didn’t want to deal with it. I knew that E would be messing with anything I put out and with all the craft fairs I was doing and the renovation of the main room and construction supplies, drywall dust, etc., just everywhere, I decided it was too much. Oh, well, doesn’t bother me any, ha. Less to clean up New Year’s Day. :)

But, anyway, we had a great time going to Belleville and here are some photos! (They’re mostly blurry, especially the ones of E because he was so excited and jumping around, etc.)

Way of Lights Waiting to ride the camel Riding the Camel

Feeding the Deer Elijah and the baby Bison Seeing the baby camel Sheep

Deer Wreath Christmas Trees Nativity

Way of Lights Candles Grotto Nativity Mary Candle

Oh, and it was also good getting to spend some time with my sister and her boyfriend. Because, you know, we really like him. He’s so much better than that last jerk, treats her good. They should get married. :-)