Fun with packing peanuts

Bubble Wrap Boy Last Wednesday, I was on a mission for supplies. I had a big candle order to mail and totally didn’t have enough packing peanuts. My first stop on the agenda was Staples (an hour south of me). This was my preferred place to get packing peanuts where they come in a bag of 2 cubic feet for $10. Only… this time they were out of the kind I get, having only the biodegradable or recycled or whatever kind which comes in only 1 cubic feet for the same price or more. Anyway.

So I ask the kid if he knows somewhere else I can get some packing peanuts because I refuse to buy the froo-froo ones. And he tells me that the UPS store has some. So we went there. I left Sarah and Elijah in the car and just ran in with my credit card. The first thing I see when I walk in is packing peanuts GALORE. Not surprising, if you think about it, but I had never been in a UPS store before so it didn’t even occur to me to look there, since my local USPS doesn’t carry anything like that (just boxes).

Immediately I ask an employee the price. I’m sold. I purchase a bag and walk out. I almost can’t get it in the back of the Jeep!

Oh, Please

Please, please, please, for the love of Pete, no more ditzy blondes on American Idol!!

It’s My Life Today I was commissioned to a do a sponsored review of I took the opportunity because, as many of you know, I’ve often worried about not having a will. It’s one of those things. You know you need it, but you keep putting it off because, in our case, you just don’t have time, you forget, and you have absolutely no idea where to start. can not only can help you create a will, but other documents such as power of attorneys, private letters (to be opened upon death), final wishes, etc.

At first, the site was a little confusing. I’m not sure why this was, but it took me a little to figure out where to get started. But soon enough, I discovered that you have to click “buy now” on the sidebar to get started. I clicked to start a will for one person.

From there, it was easy, I was walked right through the process of creating a will. I entered in a little bit of information about myself and was asked a series of questions about who I wanted to receive my property when I die (not that I have much of anything, of course) and chose Steve, of course, to just receive everything, including guardianship of Elijah. I also was able to answer the question of what if I die, but Steve has already passed on, what happens then? I was able to enter in my dad’s name to be executioner and guardian of Elijah should this happen. You can add other people if you want to as well, but I have no need for listing more than primary and secondary.

And if you’re a bit confused? Just mouse over the list at right to view a tooltip with helpful information.

I finished the will, it didn’t take too long, but for some reason, the site would not save my birthdate though I tried three times. I then decided to try and print anyway, but received an Microsoft VBScript runtime error and was unable to print. I tried a few times then emailed them and moved on. But within 20 minutes, I had an email response and the problem was fixed. Apparently, the issue with my birthdate was causing the error. Liz with itsmylife fixed it and I was able to print immediately. I’m quite impressed with the finished product. I could put this in to effect now, once I fix my birthdate. I accidentally slipped and saved it as 1928. :)

I moved on to other sections of the site from here. The final wishes section was interesting, asking you if you wanted a funeral service, then do you want a specific funeral home, casket, any items to be buried with you, readings, music, location of burial, or would you like to be cremated, etc. There are so many options and getting down now what you want can help your family later. If nothing else, they will be saved from making decisions or fighting over those decisions. I was surprised to see questions about family gatherings such as the family meal that is often served after a burial, it had never occurred to me that someone might want to pre-arrange something like that in addition to burial details. One can even write a message to be read at the funeral or gathering, maybe a little letter from you to your family.

I was able to get this document to print. It opened in a PDF and I could even save it to my hard drive if I wanted to. It showed all the details that I had selected, including words to readings and songs, and left out what I had left blank, ie what I didn’t care to specify. I then moved on to the Financial Power of Attorney and was able to print that one, too.

Overall, this site is pretty helpful. If nothing else, one can get an idea of where to start with creating a will. I’ll have to sit down with Steve and maybe we can get something finalized for us. I would certainly feel better if we did…

the thin line between different and creepy

Well, we had an interesting incident this morning. There were four of us up in the tv control room. Besides myself and Steve there was Sound Guy and Head Director. I’m messing with the computer and we’re all lost in our little worlds when Sound Guy says jokingly, “Oh, look on your monitors, I think there’s someone down there that we all know very well.”

There are two windows from the control room that look out on the sanctuary, Sound Guy sits right in front of one and Camera #1 is out the other window. Head Director walks over and says, “who is she?” That was really funny and the other three of us cracked up because it was so obvious to us that it was a man down there. Now get this.

This guy was dressed in some long white robe, white pants, thin sandal-like shoes, with a huge cross around his neck. He had long brown graying hair and a long very gray beard. He had some sort of white hat and a huge stick that you could call a staff.

He laid his staff and hat down in one of the pews and approached the front where he crossed himself and then stood in front of the big Bible for a little bit. He walked back towards the left and then down the aisle some and kept crossing himself and waving his arms and doing other strange things.

During all of this, I went over to the camera and zoomed out to pick him up when he’d walked off a bit. I wish now I’d started a tape because it was all very interesting. But as I was standing there, he turned around and looked directly at either me, the camera, or both. It was obvious that the camera was running as the red light was on. Nothing strange to anyone who’s around much, if the cameras are on, one of the three will always have a red light on.

I saw this look flash in his eyes and I knew he just had to be planning to come up where we were. So he turned around again with his back to us and began walking backwards down the aisle and bowing.

So, apparently, 86.36% 90.6% of people think Ian Bernardo is annoying.

And I’d have to agree with them. (link)

It’s that time of year again, the new season of American Idol has begun. And, wouldn’t you know, I open my browser only to be presented with a video of this guy talking on CNN about how he’s apparently so wonderful and is a superstar/dancer/sing-ger and should be given a chance to make it big and how he thinks Simon Cowell is cranky and how he’s supposedly got some cd out.

Well… I hate to break it to you, dude, but there’s a reason you didn’t get on the show. Yes, I saw your audition, and, well, YOU SUCK!!

Well, he did say he wouldn’t stop until he was a household name. I guess he got his wish. He has now won my award for most annoying person of the year… and it’s only January!

But, seriously… these people that get so pissed off that they didn’t make it onto American Idol blow me away. Yes, I know I say this every year. But who tells them, “hey you’re good, you should try out for American Idol, you could totally make it!” What makes these people think they can do this? And then to turn around and cuss out the judges? It’s sad, the state of our nation. Hehe.

Well, good riddance Ian. Seriously, anyone who wears a headband like that… ew.