More Multiplicity

Okay, I love doing multiplicity shots, they’re so much fun! Last week when I was shooting up a roll of film for the first time in a year and a half (ha), I also decided to do some multiplicity with the digital. I ended up with a really good one of Sheila – my first of Sheila – and two halfway decent ones of Sarah. In my defense, when we did the ones of Sarah, I didn’t have my tripod so the photos had a hard time lining up.

Produced by... Sarah!

Sheila, Sheila, Sheila, Sheila... and Sheila! Sarah teaching Sarah the Avid

Here are some of the ones I’ve done before:

Sarah Times Nine

Two Elijahs! Sarah Times Three Three Elijahs!

Anyway, the two immediately above of Elijah were done the hard way but the rest were done with an easier way Bes taught me. Basically, you just drag one photo onto another, creating a new layer, then use the background eraser to reveal the person that’s hiding on the bottom layer onto the top layer. If you are dealing with surroundings like outdoors and stuff that doesn’t move between shots, this is beyond easy. (I learned the hard way that having Sarah sit on three parts of the couch didn’t work too well because the cushions would sink under her weight, etc.) Make sure you’ve got it all the way you want it and flatten the image, then drag that flattened image onto another shot, if you have more and repeat the process. Cool huh? :)

Yay for multiplicities – who wants to model for me? :)