Last I checked, according to dnscoop.com, spoken-for.org was worth $29,344.

So, for that price, this blog is officially for sale. ;-)

Heck, I’ll even give it to you for $25k or if I like you enough $20k. That’s a steal!

C’mon, which one of you wants to get us out of debt? :)

Addendum: Okay, so I just had to update this post. Another website says my blog is worth $73,954.74.

Muahahaha. Hehe.

But it’s funny that I would post this yesterday then get an email today sent from my site where someone was kindly letting me know that the domain name valerie.com is for sale and since when you Google “valerie,” you get me, and I am the best Valerie anywhere… yeah. But the guy who’s selling the domain is trying to get – get this – $35k for it. Pay $55k and you can get redo.com, too.

You know, I’d love to own valerie.com. There was a time I was very sad it was already taken. But that guy is smoking something if he thinks he can get $35k for an undeveloped website with no standing with Google or Alexa.

He’s also on crack to think that Valerie is a “very common name.” According to census statistics, only 0.149% of US women are named Valerie. It’s not like Emily which is currently the top female baby name or Elizabeth which is currently 5th of all female names in the US, or something.