E’s First Camera

We went on a little outing yesterday with some family and friends and while I’ll get to that later, I wanted to show you all a few photos. On our way out we had to stop at a store for some bug spray and batteries and we ended up seeing this little digital camera for kids. So E got his first camera, a $20 Spiderman thing. He’s been asking for a camera for some time now, so I figured what the heck. I wanted to wait until his birthday, but… oh well. So here are three of his first twenty-six photos:

Elijah's Photo: Twelve Miles of Horses

College Memories

My College Graduation, 2001 Yesterday I was looking for some photos in my archive when I came across photos from my college graduation. I hadn’t posted anything old lately, so I gave it a go.

These are from May 12, 2001, and they’re all oooold scans, so the quality really stinks. I should find the originals and re-scan them but I think that would take me down a road I don’t want to go down. I have literally boxes and books of photos, lots of photos, that could stand to be re-scanned. And that would just take forever.

Me and Mitch, My College Graduation, 2001

Me & Steve, My College Graduation, 2001 Sarah At My College Graduation, 2001 Me & Roger, Our College Graduation, 2001

And that brings me to the final picture, me and my friend C.

Weekend Update

Yes, a lame title, but say it in your best Norm Macdonald voice…

Anyway, psycho weekend. What else is new?

Friday we had a lovely dinner with my sister-in-law Morgan and my sweet little niece followed by an evening at our house with them and my parents.

Saturday we went out with fellow Flickrites Todd and Sharon for lunch and a walk around historic St. Charles, Missouri. I’ve met them twice before, so it was really nice for Steve to finally get to meet them. We had a grand ole time. :)

Lewis & Clark's Deer Rail & Caboose Todd & Sharon


Spam Blogs

Ugh. I am SO tired of spam blogs. I don’t mean a few ads, either text or Google-type, or even a sponsored post here and there. I mean when I think, “oh, I’ll see what so-and-so’s up to lately,” only to find the site is covered in nothing but PayPerPost buttons and “disclosures,” tinyurls to affiliate links, and every entry is an obvious spam entry… and it takes you three or four pages of posts to finally find one that’s not.

Gah, I hate that. Talk about annoying.


So Mistreated

I just wanted to share a photo with y’all… this is my doggie Rimshot.


He acts like he’s just soooooo mistreated because he has to get his fur all clean and silky and soft again…

But in his free time, he likes to surf the net.

Why I love my dog...

He’s approximately seven years old, enjoys chasing rabbits, playing with cats, and rides in the Jeep. He’s just looking for a good time but is open to the idea of a Mrs. Rimshot. Must be single, equally hyper, and, well, a rat terrier, of course!