The downside to forwarding your home phone calls to your cell phone is that you get the number callerID but not the name. Today I got a phone call from (416) 581-1076. I probably wouldn’t think it was so strange, maybe, if the person could actually speak where I could understand him.

I’m sorry, while I think that if you’ve learned another language – that’s great – but if people are going to be calling me on the phone, they need to be able to speak English clearly so I can understand. I could not understand this guy for anything and had to stop him three times in the beginning to have him start over.

He asked for Steve, actually, and when I said that he wasn’t available, it didn’t seem to phase this guy and he kept talking about Steve’s “business” and how he had two contracts or something with who he was calling for. I had to ask him several times who he was calling for and I believe it was Dun & Bradstreet. Doing some “research” online, I see people reporting that the calls are coming from Dun & Bradstreet as well as some Canadian company called Optima Communications International as well as American Express and Amex. That seems fishy to me.

Bootlegg Betty, Mugsy, and Tallulah Red

We got an old time photo done yesterday. :)

Bootlegg Betty, Mugsy, and Tallulah Red

Cute, eh?

E was so cute running around in that outfit that was about 18 sizes too big! And the gun? First the guy had me with the big gun, but E insisted on having them all, so we compromised and traded. And I love the look on Sarah’s face, she’s so tough. :)

Not much else to say… heh… it was fun :) Sarah’s been begging me to do this for about two years now… and we finally did it.

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone :)

We are spending the day doing the best thing in the world: nothing!

Well, almost! I am making candles and Steve did put together a new little table and chair set but I refuse to go anywhere today. I just want to stay home!

They played the Veteran’s video I’ve spent so much time on last night. It went over very well. Very well!

Spoken For = Tractor Parts? II

In January I posted about getting an email asking for me to link to a tractor parts website. I had replied telling them that if they want to advertise on my site, they can do so through this package on Text Link Ads. I never expected to hear back, of course, but what is interesting is that I kind-of did.

I got another email on April 10th from someone with another name that was pretty much the same email, only… they didn’t want a link on spoken-for.org, they wanted one on spoken-for.org/archives/2007/01/22/1771, which is that post where I talked about them! But when I visited the site they wanted me to link, at the time, their account was suspended. I replied saying as much and never heard back. Maybe they wanted a link on that page because when I last Googled “tractorpartsunltd” my site ranked above the actual one, haha.

Then I get an email May 9th that was nearly identical to the other two except that it was from another person and this time they wanted a link on little light to www.candlesandoil.com/candles.html.

I finally looked at it yesterday and again pointed them to my TLA, haha. But take a look at that site and tractorpartsunltd.com. Same design! Suspicious much, yes. Ha. Losers. Stop emailing me about ads and just buy one already! :P

I’m bored, so sue me.