Spoken For = Tractor Parts? II

In January I posted about getting an email asking for me to link to a tractor parts website. I had replied telling them that if they want to advertise on my site, they can do so through this package on Text Link Ads. I never expected to hear back, of course, but what is interesting is that I kind-of did.

I got another email on April 10th from someone with another name that was pretty much the same email, only… they didn’t want a link on spoken-for.org, they wanted one on spoken-for.org/archives/2007/01/22/1771, which is that post where I talked about them! But when I visited the site they wanted me to link, at the time, their account was suspended. I replied saying as much and never heard back. Maybe they wanted a link on that page because when I last Googled “tractorpartsunltd” my site ranked above the actual one, haha.

Then I get an email May 9th that was nearly identical to the other two except that it was from another person and this time they wanted a link on little light to www.candlesandoil.com/candles.html.

I finally looked at it yesterday and again pointed them to my TLA, haha. But take a look at that site and tractorpartsunltd.com. Same design! Suspicious much, yes. Ha. Losers. Stop emailing me about ads and just buy one already! :P

I’m bored, so sue me.