Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone :)

We are spending the day doing the best thing in the world: nothing!

Well, almost! I am making candles and Steve did put together a new little table and chair set but I refuse to go anywhere today. I just want to stay home!

They played the Veteran’s video I’ve spent so much time on last night. It went over very well. Very well!

I was so nervous the whole time it played. It played up on the two large screens in the front and the single one in the back. Usually the stuff we do is on the front screens only and is live. But this was a 35 minute production. And while I didn’t do most of the video taping or say what order stuff had to go in and where to cut, I spent a lot of time editing it all together. I was up there last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Not to mention the time that I spent driving (240 miles just those four days) and the time I spent doing the video that I did do. And there are mistakes in there, because of things I couldn’t control (not enough pre- or post-roll for the cuts I was to make and then one clip that had people talking in the background on the original), so there was nothing I could do about them. But the whole production reflects back on me more than anyone else. And I was just so nervous.

But I watched the people as closely as I could from my balcony-like vantage point and anyone who was old enough to be able to pay attention and understand what was going on was interested the whole time. And when it was clear that it was ending, the applause just erupted. Not a gradual applause but an explosion. Afterwards, I was stopped, complimented and thanked by several important people. Sure makes one feel good. :)

My father-in-law has already kept my original copy and my dad kept the one I had last night, so, Jared, I will get you another copy and mail it soon!

But through all this I have seen something: I DO know what I’m doing and I can even do so much better when I can control more aspects. While I am still learning all the time, I can do this and I feel like I have a mind for this. Steve is right, we could do an actual full length movie if we wanted to. I can produce anything if I put my mind to it.