The downside to forwarding your home phone calls to your cell phone is that you get the number callerID but not the name. Today I got a phone call from (416) 581-1076. I probably wouldn’t think it was so strange, maybe, if the person could actually speak where I could understand him.

I’m sorry, while I think that if you’ve learned another language – that’s great – but if people are going to be calling me on the phone, they need to be able to speak English clearly so I can understand. I could not understand this guy for anything and had to stop him three times in the beginning to have him start over.

He asked for Steve, actually, and when I said that he wasn’t available, it didn’t seem to phase this guy and he kept talking about Steve’s “business” and how he had two contracts or something with who he was calling for. I had to ask him several times who he was calling for and I believe it was Dun & Bradstreet. Doing some “research” online, I see people reporting that the calls are coming from Dun & Bradstreet as well as some Canadian company called Optima Communications International as well as American Express and Amex. That seems fishy to me.

I told him that Steve doesn’t have a business and he said to me “is this This Little Light of Mine?” It took him 3 tries to say the name. Yes, I tell him, but that is my company. Steve’s name is not attached to that anywhere other than helping me out with outdoor fairs so I really have no clue why they should be calling him. I purposely keep his name off of stuff. (If I were ever to get sued or something, they couldn’t take the house from us or things with Steve’s name on it. Of course, that’s verryyyyyy unlikely anyway.)

So the guy continues to babble in words I cannot understand and says something about having two contracts or something with this company. I tell him I do not have anything with them and so I do not understand why he’d be calling me and his voice trails off and he hangs up.

So now I’m left to wonder what exactly he wanted and why they’d be calling Steve in conjunction with my business.

Other people online are reporting that when Dun & Bradstreet calls, they want money (one guy said $500) in order for them to do background checks on businesses and give the business a credit score. What the? Isn’t a credit score pretty much automatic if you’re doing business? I know I should have one anyway being all the stuff I do with TLLM.

So… yeah. Anyone else?