Live CSS Reboot

Not THE CSS Reboot, but I am currently messing with my site’s CSS.

What you think so far?

I think it’s too girlie but I’ve gone this far, might as well continue! :)

the Butterflies II

We’ve now had the butterflies for two weeks.

We ended up with five chrysalises:

Growing the Butterflies Two

But only four opened. The first one opened in the cup before I had a chance to attach them to the butterfly house. But that was easy enough to do. Only three chrysalises remained on the paper and one had fallen to the bottom of the cup before I ever got them.

Still working on that video…

I don’t think my blood pressure has been this high since I was having a baby… I am so nervous and stressed out right now. Let me tell you why.

I’ve been working on that Veteran’s video again for the umpteenth time. I’ve been here for nearly five hours again. I guess my total of work on this is somewhere around 20 hours now.

Veteran's Video: the work continues



Where did I leave off with my last randomness?

Saturday 5/19

Saturday we spent the day attending the wedding and reception of two good friends. I have been friends with her for many, many years, since maybe even kindergarten. Steve has known her for about 10 years now and both of us have known the groom for about 6 years. It was wonderful watching their ceremony, especially. From the moment I met him, I just knew they would one day be married, even though for years she introduced him as, “my friend.” But the rest of us… we just knew. :)

Andy & Tara II