Skinit? Yes!

I skinned it So a few of you gave me some opinions and I ended up with the fireworks, as you can see. It was winning and people “offline” including Steve vouched for this one. So I bit the bullet and went for it.

When I opened it, at first I didn’t like it. But I figured I might as well put it on and now, I really like it!

And it was so easy to apply, too. I pulled out the center hole first then peeled off the rest of it and lined up around the circle then started laying it all down. It was going to be slightly off at first but it came right back up and I put it in the right place. The instructions warned about air bubbles and such, and how to combat those, but I didn’t have a problem with those whatsoever. It all went very smoothly and only took a few minutes. ;-)

Almost made me consider getting one for the desktop, but I don’t need to haha

Fun with Friends and $54 in Chinese food

Chinese with the girls Yesterday, six of the girls came over and we just spent the night jabbing, watching movies, and snacking. We sat around and talked at first then watched Premonition which, I think, we all agreed was very good. Halfway through that, we decided we were very hungry and we called out for Chinese food. I had wanted to take them all to our favorite place a half an hour south of here but part of the agreement for getting rid of the boys was that they got the Jeep so I had no way to drive us all and wasn’t about to ask someone else to do the driving. We thought the place here in town would be good so we ended up with $54.40 in Chinese food and lots of left-overs! Hence the box in the photo… a lot of food! After Premonition, we tried a couple of other movies that didn’t have very interesting starts, so we ended up picking something from the Shelf of DVDs: The Jacket. After the boys returned, the big one left, the little one went to bed, then the girls left, then the big one came back and the two of us watched two more movies. Actually, I watched two, he watched one and 1/6 before he fell asleep. :P

Tongue Tied

Cell Phone: in the doctor's chair On Friday, Elijah went to the ear, nose, throat specialist person that the regular doctor sent us to. Apparently, the medical term for how is tongue is, is tongue tied. (His tongue looks just about like the one in the picture on that page.)

We’ve figured he’d need to get it clipped for some time now and it’s finally going to happen. We’d rather it get done sooner than later. So on August 7th, I get to go to the hospital here at 7.30am and he’ll go in at 8.30. I’m not nervous about the surgery itself so much, the doctor said they do have to put him out but the actual procedure should only take about five minutes. Then within an hour, he should be feeling fine, maybe have some Tylenol or something; she said there’s not many nerves in that area, so there should be very little discomfort/pain.

What I’m nervous about is just the whole thing. I’ve never had to actually admit myself or anyone else to surgery. I’m hoping Steve can get the morning off to help out because I also think Elijah might freak. For some reason, when we’ve been going to the doctor these last two times, he’s been saying saying things like, “I’m not going to sleep at the doctor’s,” and “I don’t want to get on a die bed.”

I’m not sure why originally, but a few weeks ago, we were watching Scrubs and it was the episode where Dr. Cox has hurt his back and he’s got Carla taking him out to the parking lot on a hospital bed with a sheet over him like he was dead. Elijah said something about that, referring to the bed as a “die bed.” I tried to tell him that a hospital is a place where people go to get better and all that jazz, but he continues to call it a “die bed.” On the bright side, however, I think he thinks death is just a temporary, non-moving state – like most four-year-olds do, I’m sure.

So I’m just a bit concerned about the actual giving him the gas mask and his going to sleep. I’m sure things will work out just fine in the end, but that part still makes me a bit nervous.

what the crap!?


A couple of weeks ago, I emailed a local mortgage/loan company about possible consolidation since they are claiming great rates right now, blah blah blah. Anyway, I sent the guy some information and the next day he responded telling me to call and have certain documents ready. His email is dated July 9th and I have not had time to call or respond. I planned on doing so, but…

I open my email tonight to find something by the subject of “FW: Fw: Fwd: Fw: PLEEEEEEASE REEEEEAD! IT WAS ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA TODAY SHOW” by someone who’s name I didn’t recognize. Took me a second to figure it out but I got a crap forward email from a business address by a loan officer! Someone who’s supposed to be a professional! Do I have to create a throw-away email forwarder for everyone I email??? It’s fake, people! Get with it!!

Better yet? It’s one of those forwards that’s a hoax. One that says you’ll get $124 per person you send the email to, and a downline and some crap like that.

Why does this warrant an entry in the “how to tick me off” category? He sent this to my “professional” email address, one that is completely and utterly spam-free. One that does not get forwards. And now… my address is appended with a thousand others just waiting to be picked up by spam bots. This email literally takes up 17 pages, the actual email not starting until halfway down page 12. Then there’s one page of the actual email body, the remaining is all “confidentiality agreements.”

And not only did he forward it, oh, no, but he wrote this above the forward: What do you have to lose?

My spam-free email address, apparently!!

Royalty free music?

Hey y’all, know of any sites where I can get royalty free music for use in non-profit video productions?