I’m tired of thinking up titles, so deal with it. All the good ones have been used already. :P

I’m also tired in general. What is it about Sundays that can make a body just so lethargic? Tonight is our night for phones, however, and so I have another six and a half hours before I can go to bed.

In looking at my recent posts, I realize I’ve not talked much about life lately. So I shall try for a proper update.

My little boy is almost four years old, he’ll cross the line on Thursday, in fact. I still haven’t decided what to get him for his birthday, but last night I made some cupcakes that he took this morning to Sunday School. That’s as close to a party with his friends he’ll be getting this year. We’ll have the usual gatherings with family, but no party set-up this time around. In fact, he’s been invited to a party for another little boy but I really don’t fancy going to the cafe at the zoo on a Friday at the end of July. That, and we have plans for that day already.

But anyway, I think I started this post two hours ago… that’s how distracted I’ve been lately… not that I’ve been sitting here the whole time, of course. :P

Curtains, finally! I finally went out and bought new curtains for the living room on Monday. We’ve not even had them a week and already one of the curtain rods is weakened on one end thanks to a certain little boy, but that’s another story. Usually I’m not all, loving house decorations and such and worrying about things like that, but I am completely in love with these curtains. They’re simple, but that’s what I like. They’re chocolate brown and while you can see a lot of light coming from them, they really do an awesome job of blocking out the light in the room as a whole. Hopefully they’ll last and E won’t tear them up…

Steve recycled some copper yesterday and bought the gun of his dreams: a black powered rifle. Now, to me, I’m thinking, wouldn’t an easier-to-load gun be better? But he’s wanted one a long time and so, okay, whatever makes him happy. :) Plus that means I’ll probably go deer hunting with him this year. I’ve been through the hunter’s course thing that Missouri requires, but I’ve never actually hunted yet, so it might be fun. Anyway, he’s off shooting targets and playing with it now…

E and I went to the doctor last Tuesday. I had a few concerns about him and my ears were bothering me again. They still are, really, apparently, they’re both infected. They’ve got me on antibiotic pills and taking the same drops as before. E is okay – he’s got a baker’s cyst on the back of his right knee but unless it gets bigger they’re not going to do anything about it. But he will go to an ear, nose, and throat specialist on the 20th to get his tongue looked at. His tongue is attached very closely to the bottom of his mouth and so he’ll maybe have to have that skin clipped. The question is just “when?”

He got another haircut on Wednesday, too. I’d already cut his hair the Saturday or Sunday prior but then Wednesday morning he went and got my kitchen scissors and cut himself some nice bald spots. So he got himself cut down to 1/8 of an inch. Echhh it’s not the best job either, it’s going to grow back funny, I can tell. But you know, cutting one’s own hair is a right of passage, and he’s a boy, so I can deal.

So how about a photo? Ever seen a rat terrier actually tired out? :)