We think it was last Thursday while we were at the zoo that what we thought was a mosquito bit Elijah in three places, because I had bites, too, on my legs. He had two bites on the right side of his right calf and one on the upper left side of his forehead.

Friday, the bite on his forehead turned into this huge lump, like he’d bumped his head on something. Seriously, it went from very small and white in nature to about a diameter of a quarter and about half an inch tall at it’s highest point. He said it hurt. The spots on his legs at this point were just kinda large, but not very large, and red. I put allergy cream on both spots and by Saturday, the spot on his head was back to normal.

However, the spots on his legs weren’t. They each had a tiny blister on them and the area around them, making up most of that part of his leg, was splotchy red and, according to him, itchy. But it was Saturday and there wasn’t much to do because it doesn’t warrant an emergency room visit, so we just kept up with the cream. The biggest one burst and he got a band-aid, too. The smaller one broke sometime after.

The general consensus was to keep up with the cream and if by Monday it wasn’t looking better, to take him to the doctor. I mean, yeah.

But Monday it did look better. It was less red and both bite areas were scabby and no more blisters. So I figured it was going away and he didn’t need to go.

But then, Monday evening, Steve started noticing that E felt hot and we took his temperature. It was 101. He started to get that chesty sound when he’d whine or cry or try to be loud, too. He got some medicine for both of those symptoms and went to bed. While he was sleeping, I checked his temperature twice, once about an hour later, then again at 5:30am. Both times the thermometer read 99.1. So the fever is down but still slightly there. Of course, we’re using an under the arm thermometer, so it could be as high as 100.1, some say to add one degree, but I don’t even know if that still applies to his age.

Anyway, he’s got this slight fever, but the chesty noise is gone and his leg does look better (but not perfect). We’ve not had any ruckus from the bump on his head since it got big, either. I have noticed before that this kid does seem to be ultra sensitive to mosquito bites, but I always assumed it was because, duh, he’s a little guy, and he has very soft, fair skin yet, unlike us tough adults who have been getting bites for years. But maybe he has an allergy?

So he’s running around, not acting sick at all, but he still can’t go to school today. He can’t go to school, and I can’t work out with my friend. Then he certainly can’t go to tot drop either, so I could work out down here. We don’t want to give anyone anything he may have. But gosh dang it, if I have to keep you home, at least act sick! LOL

Of course, Steve was convinced E’s got West Nile, but I don’t think so myself. He’s going to the doctor today at 2, so we shall see what they say. I explained everything to her like I did here, the symptoms and how he’s not acting sick but say we’d like to get him in anyway. She agrees, for what reason, I dunno, maybe it’s just her job or maybe she’s sincere, but she agrees, so he goes in.

I’m kinda forcing the kid to just rest, he’s going to start resenting me soon…

Da da du mmmm