mosquito? II

At the Doctor's Well… he’s okay… big surprise there :)

His ears were red and his nose, and not to mention the bites and the red area around them made the doctor go “hmmm…” so they prescribed him some antibiotics (big surprise there, too) that he has to take three times a day, roughly every eight hours. So that means I have to wake him up around midnight to get him to take his last dose of the day, eesh.

One thing though, the doctor said that E is about 14th percentile in height and 13th in weight which… honestly I’m really surprised at. People who don’t know us real well all the time assume that he is older because of his height. He has these skin and bone arms and legs, yes, but he’s solid through and through and looks tall for his weight. The last time a doctor told me those percentiles, he was 90th in height and 25th in weight. Not that I’m taking a lot of stock in this, of course, that’s just a comparison to other kids his age, but these recent figures don’t make any sense to me. I told the doctor as much, too, who just basically said, well, we’ll keep an eye on him as he gets older. Later Steve said that maybe the doctor thought he was older than he is, maybe he read the birthdate wrong, or even the percentiles that the nurse wrote down. Who knows?

Weight Height

I had to bribe the kid into being good, though, and I didn’t tell him where we were going, just drove there. He’s very uneasy with doctors and hospitals since his surgery. I think I mentioned before that at his post-surgery check-up he had everyone laughing because he kept saying things like, “doctor’s not going to hurt me!” And trying to convince me that I was there to see the doctor, not him. So I bribed him with ice cream to be a good boy without telling him why he was going to have to be a good boy. :) He was good though, so I really don’t care if anyone thinks I’m bad for bribing my kid. :P

Also, the nurse failed to give me my change when I paid my co-pay. I gave her a $10 and should have gotten $5 back. I felt stupid for it, but afterward I told her I needed some change. I felt dumb because to most people $5 is nothing but $5 is $5 and it would have been the only cash I had and I didn’t want to have to use a debit card at the pharmacy (his medicine turned out to cost only 71¢). I think she was embarrassed, too, and she said that she wasn’t used to them being less than $10 so she hadn’t even paid attention to it. I had to laugh and say that, yes, it was really nice, this insurance we get through Steve’s union now. When he worked for that jerk before joining the union, our co-pays were $20! Oh, how I wish we’d had $5 co-pays when I started having problems almost 4 years ago (where I was in the doctor a thousand times between December 2003 and May 2004). Maybe then I wouldn’t have spent $550 on just doctor’s visits and medication alone for what turned out to be something rather minor and just plain stupid.

But along those same lines, the other day we got our first bill having to do with Elijah’s surgery. This one looks like it is for the doctor’s services, we should probably get more from the hospital and maybe someone else like anesthesiologist or something. But out of nearly $1000 billed, I only had to mail in a check for $9.52. Steve made me just stare at him in disbelief though, when he found out that I’d already mailed the payment the day after receiving the bill. He wanted to look at it and make sure we did have to pay it. LOL I just laughed and said, well, there it is, the statement, we wouldn’t have been billed for such a small amount if we didn’t owe it, and pointed out where the insurance had already paid. Silly boy. :P

I guess you never know though. In fact, I just paid off, this month, the hospital from when Elijah was born. We had that sucky insurance then and not only did we have to pay three deductibles (him when he was born, me giving birth, me with those problems soon thereafter) but 20% of everything. I ended up being in the hospital with him longer than most, having been put in under observation, then induced, etc. So the hospital put us on $20 monthly payments and we just kind of stuck to it. It worked out well though, since that was due the same time as some other very large bills, so, yeah, we just paid $20 all the time. In fact, I think there were a few times, just this year, that I totally forgot to pay the bill for a month or two and no one said anything. I finally called for a pay-off amount this month and it was something like $209 so I just paid it off. One less thing to worry about. Now if we could just finish off those credit cards, lol.

Okay that was just a bunch of rambling about nothing…