Nickelodeon and Nick Jr are getting on my nerves…

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. are soooooo getting on my nerves. I get all sorts of email from them and I decided I was tired of it not to mention I’m eventually porting everything over to my new/better email address. Yes, I did originally sign up for the emails, but sheesh, I have put in an unsubscribe request seven times. Seven! (Update, make that ten.) I know this because their emails say at the bottom to hit reply and put “unsubscribe” in the subject line. I’ve done this seven times because each time, the strange email address which is composed of some letters and numbers followed by my email address at some Nickelodeon domain has been saved to my address book each time as my address book is set to save every outgoing email address to a special book.

Someone want to tell me why they’re ignoring my requests?

Get it through your thick skull, Nickelodeon, I don’t want your millions of emails anymore!! Nor the emails of your partners!

This last email does say you can reply to unsubscribe or contact MTV Networks at 1515 Broadway; 40th Floor; New York, New York 10036… but no email address. What the heck!?

Okay… I guess I’ll be going into my SBCglobal box on the server and marking all of these as spam now so that Yahoo will send them to the bulk mail folder and I won’t even have to download the emails anymore… I also guess I’ll make sure I never sign up with them for anything in the future.

Die, Nickelodeon, die!!