Sandisk Takes Action Against Alzheimer’s…?

Before I say anything, let me just say that I love Sandisk (I am, like, their poster girl) and I do not love Alzheimer’s disease (my great-grandmother had it for many years, it’s a horrible, horrible disease). However, I am a bit weirded out by this newest promotion thing they have going on. In case you can’t read the image to the left, that is part of an email I received the other day. It basically states that Sandisk has taken a stand against Alzheimer’s disease and you can buy either a purple 2 Gigabyte SD card or a purple 2 Gigabyte USB drive. They say that some of the proceeds will go towards Alzheimer’s research.

Great! But here’s what gets me…

Another Zoo Day

Yesterday was another zoo day! I love our zoo, not only is it free, but it’s nice, and being made better all the time. This time around, though, we didn’t spend a lot of time there. We spent enough, but only a few hours in the humid heat before we had to head back south since we wanted to get a relaxing dinner before my 6:30 training meeting. But even for the short time, we had a great one. All the animals we saw were really accommodating this time, more active and some quite funny, rather than just lazing in the sun or hiding. Here’s a random video of just stuff.



Tuesday School Stuff This morning, Elijah started his school known as Tuesday School. I can tell this is going to be a real blessing. It’s a free, once-a-week preschool. It’s not all play time, they do crafts, music, snacks, and real class. They will also take some field trips at points throughout the year. Today he made a cute little bumble bee in crafts (see photo) and a folder full of what I can only assume is homework. He was also given four large charts for learning ABC’s and sounds and stuff. Big charts. And for free. I’m just not sure where to hang them yet. I’m afraid if I put them in his room (which is just about the only wall space besides the living room) that he’ll rip them down eventually just like the Cars poster. Of course, he already knows his letters by sight (at least when a funky font doesn’t confuse him), but this will be great for helping him to learn to write.

Before his class, I had to fill out a bit of paperwork so we came early. His teacher greeted us and sat down with us on a bench. She introduced herself to him and asked him little questions like, “do you like to make crafts?” to get him to warm up. Then she said that she had something in common with him, “we’re both left-handed.” Inside my mind I went “YES!” As discussed here and there, I’m 99% sure he’s left-handed (if not ambidextrous) and I, of course, am right-handed so I have been really nervous about teaching him writing, for one. This lady also has homeschooled her own children which makes me feel even better, if that is possible.

While he was in his class (which is only two hours), my friend T and I went right up the road to another church that has a gym and a fitness room. Another free thing, and it was so nice – after five minutes of being there, we ended up being the only ones there. We got in a good workout (we did the elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, weights, and walked a mile around the gym) and were back in time to pick the kids up. (She’s the one that told me about this Tuesday School, her boy is a bit younger than E.) I felt really good after that – even E’s whining about going to the grocery store (we were, he didn’t want to) couldn’t damper my mood. Then I had a very quick shower and a big, wonderful salad and a few minutes after that, my friend showed up with her three kids.

Cheeeeese! Those silly kids, they wanted to play with each other, but all they did was sit there and watch SpongeBob. It was okay with us moms, though, I could tell my friend was exhausted after the day she’d already had and I was starting to get tired. Plus it was the first television that any of them had watched in the day, so it wasn’t like they’d been sitting there all day.

Plus, this was too cute to pass up:

His favorite girl