is it over yet?

Today has been one of those days that just… bah, things go wrong. I could sit here and probably entertain you all with lots of going-wrong stories from today, crazy stuff, but I’m in too much pain to worry about it. Not sure what I did, but when I woke up this morning my back was hurting really bad (yeah, let’s add that to the list) and it has continued all day without any relief from medication. I’m about sick of it to tell you the truth.

And finally, my server is due to migrate to Site5‘s new servers at The Planet sometime between Monday and Wednesday. So I’m downloading backups (just in case) to all on this server and I may use this as an excuse to go into hiding for the next three days… Except to those of you who love me enough to follow me elsewhere, of course, haha.

Tootsie Toy

When we first started working on that sitting room and tearing out that wall to add that room to the living room, Steve found some interesting things in the wall. An old spool of thread, a plastic cowboy that looks like it’s from the 60’s, a marble, some other things and this little Tootsie Toy car:

Tootsie Toy Classic MG

The other day, Elijah found this for us again and we got Googling to find out more about Tootsie Toys.  This is a Classic MG, all metal except the wheels.  I wonder what it would take to restore it?

We found some others in perfect condition, like this one. Who knows, I don’t know much of anything about antique toys and collectibles.

But we thought that was kinda cool.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find much of anything about this particular model and have no idea exactly how old it is.  So if ya know… let me know :)

strange bank stuff

I logged into our bank’s website a bit ago to check and see if they’d paid our water/sewer bill yet. It’s going tomorrow, but two other things have caught my eye.

The first is a deposit of $477.27. It is right next to Steve’s last paycheck deposit and I have no idea what it is. So I click to view it and the name is in a female’s handwriting. You can just tell, you know? And the name itself? My brother-in-law! So I’m like, craaaaap, they screwed up and put his deposit in our account. But then I look at the account number and it is our account number, matches what my checks say. So now I’m wondering if Steve had some “extra” money he deposited and they screwed up and wrote the wrong name on it. I messaged him but he’s in school today so no answer yet. But if this is our deposit, I don’t know where the money came from in the first place! (more…)

“Toys, and blocks, and cookies, and cheese-its, and crackers, and strawberries, too.”

Well, that’s what Elijah just told me Halloween is, anyway. Said that’s what another boy told him and he has decided that he’s going there tomorrow. Whatever. Think what you like, kid.

Anyway, I’m still kinda in blah-mode, but I’ll live… like always. What’s been going on?

Second to last class yesterday morning. Always a good one. E’s school this morning. My friend’s truck didn’t start again which is blowing their minds because they have no idea what’s wrong and thought it was fixed last week. So we picked her up which I really really really don’t mind doing whatsoever but when we dropped them off, E threw a fit because he wanted to stay and play. Her son wanted him to stay (or to go to our house), too. It was funny, though, in the respect that they weren’t getting along with one another. We were there yesterday after class though, so I insisted we come back home today as I had stuff to do. However, that started a chain of events of bad behavior up until the last hour or so. (more…)


Man I totally don’t feel like doing much of anything lately. It’s not like I’m doing nothing, but my attention span is just so short this past week. I’ll do have the dishes, half the laundry, even half of blog/photo commenting, then I move on to something else. I can’t even concentrate on this movie that is on this free preview of Starz. It’s The Da Vinci Code and I swear, it is SO boring. Horrible really. Bad enough that I know already I’ll never read that book. But I digress.

Last night we went to an annual bonfire/hayride at the house of some friends. We mostly had a good time but by the time we left (after 9:30) E had both me and Steve so stressed out. He’s not a bad kid, he’s just so active and doesn’t listen for anything. Very selective hearing. He doesn’t hear me saying he’s going too far into the woods, come back; but he can hear someone opening the bag of marshmallows down at the barn, 100 feet away. Typical four-year-old most might say, but there were two other four-year-olds (two of his friends) and they were both very good. What’s the deal? If he wasn’t so dang cute… I swear. (more…)