Man I totally don’t feel like doing much of anything lately. It’s not like I’m doing nothing, but my attention span is just so short this past week. I’ll do have the dishes, half the laundry, even half of blog/photo commenting, then I move on to something else. I can’t even concentrate on this movie that is on this free preview of Starz. It’s The Da Vinci Code and I swear, it is SO boring. Horrible really. Bad enough that I know already I’ll never read that book. But I digress.

Last night we went to an annual bonfire/hayride at the house of some friends. We mostly had a good time but by the time we left (after 9:30) E had both me and Steve so stressed out. He’s not a bad kid, he’s just so active and doesn’t listen for anything. Very selective hearing. He doesn’t hear me saying he’s going too far into the woods, come back; but he can hear someone opening the bag of marshmallows down at the barn, 100 feet away. Typical four-year-old most might say, but there were two other four-year-olds (two of his friends) and they were both very good. What’s the deal? If he wasn’t so dang cute… I swear.

Um? Apple Bobbing

Man, I need a Mountain Dew or something.
Well, I know to enjoy it now — and I am — because one day he won’t be so cute and little, he’ll be… big and annoying, probably. When that comes, I’ll miss him being four. May that day come soon, HAHA!