“Toys, and blocks, and cookies, and cheese-its, and crackers, and strawberries, too.”

Well, that’s what Elijah just told me Halloween is, anyway. Said that’s what another boy told him and he has decided that he’s going there tomorrow. Whatever. Think what you like, kid.

Anyway, I’m still kinda in blah-mode, but I’ll live… like always. What’s been going on?

Second to last class yesterday morning. Always a good one. E’s school this morning. My friend’s truck didn’t start again which is blowing their minds because they have no idea what’s wrong and thought it was fixed last week. So we picked her up which I really really really don’t mind doing whatsoever but when we dropped them off, E threw a fit because he wanted to stay and play. Her son wanted him to stay (or to go to our house), too. It was funny, though, in the respect that they weren’t getting along with one another. We were there yesterday after class though, so I insisted we come back home today as I had stuff to do. However, that started a chain of events of bad behavior up until the last hour or so.

I made an awesome supper tonight and took a goofy picture with it. Put in four pork steaks yesterday evening in the crock pot and they went all night then again after I got back home. The second time with green beans and carrots. Both times with some awesome, secret recipe, seasoning. Going all night was different, but it made the meat so juicy and tender. The only drawback was that I didn’t sleep longer than a half an hour at a time throughout the night as I kept waking up to the delicious smells. Seriously. I made some potatoes with the same seasoning, too. Best in a while, usually I boil, this time I baked.

A good dinner after such a day as I’ve had is a real blessing, though. Earlier while the boys were at school, my friend and I went to work out like usual. There ended up being three other women in there. One has been there before, but not the other two when we have ever been there, and all three were very loud and chatty. Not to mention, the other two brought their kids, boys about E’s age and one infant girl. Kind made me nervous, because as the woman’s on the treadmill, I was on the elliptical and on the floor next to me was the infant in her seat. I mean, c’mon people. But anyway, neither I nor my friend were really into the workout so we left after 25 minutes. I didn’t even workout that whole time, I was getting headaches again. Twice when I was working out one came and went. Another of my friends suggests I need a stress test, I guess now I’ll have to give in and go to the doctor, or something. Sigh.

So we left early and went and vacuumed out the Jeep, LOL. I’d left in the morning forgetting to get E something to eat so I stopped and got him a sausage biscuit which he proceeded to eat the sausage out of but spread the biscuit all over the backseat. It was an absolute mess. Since Steve drives to his school on Thursday, I thought I’d be nice and at least vacuum that up, heehee. After that we went and got a few groceries and necessary items.

Boring stuff, I know. But my rather new friend, T, I always like hanging out with her, doesn’t matter if we’re doing something boring. We always have the best conversations and are totally on the same page as another.

Now I have to laugh, E is imitating the people on the Bowflex commercial. He says he wants to be strong, too!

Here, enjoy this photo of the sky and our tree outside. It’s an even more brilliant yellow now…

Blue and Gold

I love autumn!