strange bank stuff

I logged into our bank’s website a bit ago to check and see if they’d paid our water/sewer bill yet. It’s going tomorrow, but two other things have caught my eye.

The first is a deposit of $477.27. It is right next to Steve’s last paycheck deposit and I have no idea what it is. So I click to view it and the name is in a female’s handwriting. You can just tell, you know? And the name itself? My brother-in-law! So I’m like, craaaaap, they screwed up and put his deposit in our account. But then I look at the account number and it is our account number, matches what my checks say. So now I’m wondering if Steve had some “extra” money he deposited and they screwed up and wrote the wrong name on it. I messaged him but he’s in school today so no answer yet. But if this is our deposit, I don’t know where the money came from in the first place!

The second has to do with our cell phone bill. I looked at the bill pay and the bank was telling me we owed $177.37, due Tuesday. I’m thinking that’s kind of high, even though it’s really not (we have five phones and family messaging on our plan) so I log into Cingular’s website. There I am told we owe only $7.24! Apparently, I paid last month’s bill twice in a matter of two weeks and what is left for this month is $7.24. Oops. That could have explained some things not adding up like they should have, but, hey, I can handle $7.24 for this month. :)

Weird stuff happens like that, though, when you pay online through your bank for everything. The phone bill this month, for example. I paid it something like a day late and we were billed for next month, so our bank subtracts last month’s payment from the total due but still reads that it’s late and due 10/16 instead of in November like it should be. Keeps throwing me off, but I know that’s for next month. It’s also trying to fool me into thinking the satellite bill is late; even though it’s not due yet, it’s appearing in red.

So now I sit and wait and see who responds first about that deposit, Steve or my brother-in-law. One of them had to have made the deposit!

I need to remember later to call ATT and see if we can combine all our bills. We have four services through them and three bills. Or, that is, if they still do the combined billing with Dish Network. Phone, internet, cell… it’s crazy. I wonder if they really do “save” you money by billing together like they always claim…

Update — yeahhhh, that is my brother-in-law’s money.  He says it was some new person there.  I guess it’s easier to just write him a check than to make the bank fix the mistake, that would probably take longer.  However, I think I might at least let them know about it. My brother-in-law is lucky we’re so nice.  ;-)  Hhahaha