Tootsie Toy

When we first started working on that sitting room and tearing out that wall to add that room to the living room, Steve found some interesting things in the wall. An old spool of thread, a plastic cowboy that looks like it’s from the 60’s, a marble, some other things and this little Tootsie Toy car:

Tootsie Toy Classic MG

The other day, Elijah found this for us again and we got Googling to find out more about Tootsie Toys.  This is a Classic MG, all metal except the wheels.  I wonder what it would take to restore it?

We found some others in perfect condition, like this one. Who knows, I don’t know much of anything about antique toys and collectibles.

But we thought that was kinda cool.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find much of anything about this particular model and have no idea exactly how old it is.  So if ya know… let me know :)