the case of the disappearing remote

You know what I’m talking about… where is that blasted remote!? We seem to lose it all the time… or rather, one of the four floating around in this room. And since no American home is complete without a shrine to the TV and those TVs and other devices are now created with minimal buttons on them, therefore forcing you to use the remotes… we’re kinda screwed.

This time, it’s the remote to the satellite that is missing. The only buttons on the bloody box are the power button and channel up and down. Last night, I left the remote sitting on the back of the couch, this morning, it is gone. It’s not behind the couch, so I can only figure it’s in the cushions. E’s throwing a fit about watching or not watching some show so I send him on a mission to find the remote. (more…)

That’s my name, that’s me!

I was doing some dishes this morning and Elijah was watching Yo Gabba Gabba for a few minutes before it was time to leave when he suddenly started yelling…

“That’s my name! Mama! That’s my name! Look! That’s ME!!!”

Coming into the living room, this is what I see:

I tried to explain to Elijah that he’s not the only one in the world with that name, but he just kept insisting that he’s Elijah Wood.

As a side note, NO my Elijah is NOT named after Elijah Wood. He gets his first name from my husband’s great-grandfather. That’s beside the point, but I must make it known. Every time I hear of Elijah Wood I’m reminded of when I was pregnant and chatting with someone in a game or something (I was pretty much on bed rest and so I played Yahoo Games for like three months lol) and she asked me what we would name the baby. I said Elijah and she totally freaked on me. I mean, totally started cussing me out saying I should not name my kid after someone so stupid. It was really weird, we’d been playing for about an hour and she’d been really nice up until that point. Anyway…

So I was just reminded of this little bit from my day and I was telling Steve about it…

Val: …and there was Elijah Wood on show and Elijah was yelling —
Steve: Elijah Wood? Who’s that?
Val: Frodo.
Steve: Which one is that?
Val: Frodo.
Steve: Yeah but which one is that?
Val: The one who had to carry the ring.
Steve: That’s Rudy‘s name!?
Val: NO! That’s Sean Astin!
Steve: I don’t remember which one Frodo is.
Val: *Growls, shows Steve the video*
Steve: …he doesn’t look like a Hobbit…

I guess mentioning The Good Son and most certainly Back to the Future II would get us no place fast, too… Gotta love him, though, he’s not so worried about stuff that really doesn’t matter. :)

E likes that show, though.  It scarily reminds me of H.R. Pufnstuf and I didn’t even see that but once in college and it scared the crap out of me and made me want to slit my wrists and slice off my ears.  But he likes it and as long as they keep talking about eating healthy, I’m all for it.  :P

last thing before I die

She is totally going to KILL me for this, but I’m doing it anyway. Not long ago I came across something I forgot I had. And now, I have taken it from the VHS it was on where I had recorded it from when it aired on a local cable station. And now here it resides in my Viddler account:

Yup, that is Sarah! She was 6 or 7 years old, it was sometime in 2002. Probably early-mid 2002, actually. On piano is Sheila who was 12 or 13 at the time.

Attention Valerie

Dear Valerie whoever-you-are, stop trying to reset my passwords at various services!  It’s not gonna work!

Yes, I’m talking to you, Boo-boo.


Val, Sarah, & Elijah Went with Elijah’s school on their field trip today to the pumpkin patch. We brought Sarah along, too, in the hopes that she’d not only have fun but maybe help out with the kids. For only $5 each the kids got to enjoy a hayride around the farm, the playground area, mazes (including a blow-up haunted house one that we didn’t do), and a free pumpkin.

We had a lot of fun up until the point E hurt his wrist. That is such a long story, I think, but to put it shortly I now believe he hurt it in some unknown-to-me way and didn’t say anything. Then he was on the monkey bars and Sarah had his legs and I was taking a picture but because of his wrist (the only reason I can figure), he let go and fell. Usually he will say to me, “I want to get down now,” and never does anything like just letting go. But he did this time and Sarah only had his legs so in a microsecond he went from happy smiling kid to screaming kid face-down in the dirt. At first we thought that was how he hurt his wrist but later when looking through the pictures, I noticed him in a shot of the complete chaos of the area. I didn’t realize he was in that when I took it, but there he is, showing his wrist to his teacher… before the monkey bars fall. Crazy kid. So now I don’t know what he did to hurt it, I’ll have to try and quiz him again tomorrow, but he’s babied it all day. It’s not broken and everyone seems confident it’s not fractured, but maybe he’s got a sprain. Of course, he doesn’t want anyone to touch it… (more…)