Erin’s Lesson on Computer Repair

Well here’s something I keep forgetting to post!

Took this video that day that we did the Rebelution one. The laptop in the video was an older freebie her dad had brought home from work when they were throwing a bunch out. The day this video was taken, she’d brought it to me saying it wouldn’t boot up. After seeing what it was doing, I was going to video it to show to some people for opinions. And, well…

I hadn’t realized until that second that she was serious about doing that. Well, fixed the problem I guess. :)

What the –?

KSDK – 19-year-old Gregory Smith Junior pleaded guilty Tuesday to assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Smith admitted severely beating of a 7-year-old boy he happened to see near a tunnel along Interstate 44 near Pacific.

The victim and his then 4-year-old brother were playing there, in May of 2006, when Smith walked up to them and started assaulting the older boy.

The 7-year-old was punched, then kicked repeatedly while laying on the ground. He was beaten so badly that both of his eyes were swollen shut by the time the young boys were able to make it home for help.

Police say Smith previously admitted to the beating, and said he had been drinking and taking prescription drugs before the attack.

It appears the attack was random.

What in the freaking heck!?!?

Personal Property Oops

So here’s a lesson kiddos, when you’ve got a leased vehicle, chances are, you’re not paying the personal property taxes on it directly.  I made the mistake last year of writing down our Jeep and when the Personal Property taxes came due, Steve freaked.  He was sure we weren’t supposed to pay it.  I called today and it turns out the county is supposed to bill Chrysler and then Chrysler bills us.  Why this is important, I have no idea.  Doesn’t make sense to me why it should be done this way but some companies apparently work it into your monthly payments.  That and they did apparently bill both of us, so… yeah, not paying for it twice!

So I’ve spent the better part of an hour on the phone with everyone and it’s taken care of.  We’ll be getting a new personal property thing in the mail, without the Jeep.

Ah it’s just such a mess.

Sometimes I just don’t want responsibility.  :)

no interesar

My head has recently started to pressurize. I think a certain someone got me sick. Ahem. I’d love to go to bed, but I’m on phone duty for another 45 minutes. So I sit here instead, in the chair with Rimshot. I’m bored, tired, playing Scrabulous on Facebook, and watching the hunting shows Steve’s got on. Actually, some of these commercials are quite funny. There’s one where the guy in the deer stand starts coughing and the buck he was going to shoot turns and looks at the camera and laughs at the guy and says that he sees the hunter and then prances off singing “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” Cracks me up every time.

My house is an absolute wreck, and that kind of depresses me. There are toys and newspaper all over the living room. Elijah refuses to clean anything up and only whines and cries about it and will rarely clean up more than a few at a time. I’m working too hard to get him to listen, and I’m too tired to do it myself.  He’s also the culprit who spread the newspaper all over.  There’s also a ton of dirty dishes I can’t make myself bother with.  If I’m not really sick, I’ll get to it all tomorrow.  Otherwise… eh, I might have to pay a certain someone.

If I feel this bad now, how am I going to feel in the morning? I hope this doesn’t last, because I really want to work out and make sure E goes to his school on Tuesday.

Yes, I’m having a pity party, thanks.