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So, I’m totally inspired by a Flickr contact of mine: Jamie. However, in specific, some images you’re most likely not allowed to see, since she’s got them marked for friends & family. But what she’s started doing is creating digital scrapbook pages (some are public). A light went off in my head, you see, because I’m about two years behind in my scrapbooking.

I used to do these great pages, but I was in high school and then college and the newly married then. As time went on, my scrapbooks got smaller and less… fancy (?) until I was using a 6×9 spiral book. I really do love these, but I don’t guess they’re made for the long haul. A lot of it ended up being a single 5×7 photo with some decoration and text around it. Yeah, I know… w00t.

So I’ve been messing with this today and yesterday and here’s what I have so far, not counting the few I did with the collage maker that I’m not uploading (think I’m gonna try and re-do those):

Scrapbook: Gingerbread House

Scrapbook: Cell Phone Favorites

Do we like? The first is E decorating the gingerbread house last week and the second consists of only cell phone shots. Do you think I’m over doing the graphics?


Fire Wingisher

He IDs stuff well, but saying them can be another matter :)

I’m not feeling well today, so that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll catch up later. :P

Baby Gun

Earlier today we went shopping in order for the boys to spend their Christmas money. I kind of got screwed on the gift card from my grandpa but then again, I did willingly give it to Elijah. He got a radio control Jeep and six more Cars die cast cars and doubled his collection.

Anyway, at the first store we were at where Steve was using his gift card from my parents, there occurred the following conversation:

Steve: Elijah, you want a BB gun?

Val: No, you’ll shoot your eyes out! (It was a Red Ryder)

Steve: Did you even get to watch that movie this year?

Val: NO! No one lets me watch it anymore! (It’s true, everyone’s so mean to me.)

Steve: *haha neener neener* Elijah, you want a BB gun?

Elijah: A db gun?

Val: See, he doesn’t even know what a “db gun” is.

Steve: A BB gun.

Elijah: No!!! We can’t shoot the babies!!

Okay, well we thought it was funny!

Back to the Grind

So I worked out this morning.  I’ve not worked out since right before or after Thanksgiving, somewhere in there.  It was that last day that Elijah went to that preschool.  Which, I don’t guess he’ll be going back there, either.  I think they start again on January 15, but heck if I’m going to sit in class with him, so I guess he’ll not be going back.  Maybe my friend and I can move our workout to Mondays after our class… if we can just find something to do with the boys for an hour or so.

So yeah, I drug my fat butt to the gym here this morning and put E in the tot drop.  I started with the treadmill, then the cross trainer, then the bike for a total of an hour when all was said and done.  And my blood pressure?  Awesome.  Yay!  I started to get that same old headache, but it didn’t get really bad.

And, you know what was even more awesome?  When I picked up E at the tot drop, he started to complain but then didn’t throw that same old fit and went with me very good!  He just whined a bit, but it wasn’t the full blown screaming fit like the last two times.

But I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, so don’t ask.  This is the time of year many people say they’re going to get in shape, and maybe they go and work on it for a month, but then it all falls apart.  I resolved to do this in August, I guess it was, and I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m not going to make any resolutions now to go on a certain day or do this or that, I’ll just take it as it comes.

Christmas 2007

JOY Merry Christmas, everyone, I hope your day is a good one!

It is Christmas Day, the day that we have been preparing for for the better part of a month and the day that has had all the children – especially mine – tied up in knots. Elijah is playing on the floor with the gifts from Steve and I that he opened this morning. It’s funny how it turned out, every one of them is from the Cars movie… five of the die-cast cars, two shake-up cars, and the Mater game (race to put him together before he blows his parts again). He’s having a ton of fun down there! I’m sure his sugar high will come to an end before long…