Christmas 2007

JOY Merry Christmas, everyone, I hope your day is a good one!

It is Christmas Day, the day that we have been preparing for for the better part of a month and the day that has had all the children – especially mine – tied up in knots. Elijah is playing on the floor with the gifts from Steve and I that he opened this morning. It’s funny how it turned out, every one of them is from the Cars movie… five of the die-cast cars, two shake-up cars, and the Mater game (race to put him together before he blows his parts again). He’s having a ton of fun down there! I’m sure his sugar high will come to an end before long…

So, let’s see, how have we spent the last several days? It’s been nuts, really. Of course, it always is this time of the year.

Live Nativity Scene Friday (21st) after Steve got off work we went out to eat and then up to the somewhat-nearby live nativity scene. I love going to this and it’s almost a tradition, even if we don’t make it every year. Elijah had fun though, and wasn’t ready to leave (especially after the guy mentioned there were free cookies and hot chocolate inside). I was missing a piece to my tripod though, so next to no pictures worth looking at (from this year anyway, pic at left is from two years ago).

Elijah's Gingerbread House On the 22nd, Saturday, my immediate family came over for our little gathering. This is the first time it’s been at my house – so I’ve been quite busy getting ready. However, I had the best idea ever and we ordered pizza for dinner. We had a good selection and everyone filled up that they refused dessert. To the left is a picture of the gingerbread house Elijah decorated earlier in the day. So we sat around and talked, watched a bit of a movie, and exchanged presents. This would start the Elijah-goes-nuts-with-the-presents attitude and he wanted to open everything and was getting frustrated that he couldn’t. He got a lot of good stuff, though, including two packs of Hotweels – both my sister and her fiance and then one of my brothers got him a pack without realizing that was what the others got him, too. The next night, he’d get another pack, from some of my cousins.

Grandpa and Grandkids Sunday started out normally enough and I hurried on the editing because I wanted to get out of there fast for various reasons which need not be mentioned. :P Then it was home for a while then to one of my uncle’s houses for a gathering of some of my mom’s side of the family. More food, more fun, more talking, more presents, etc. Again, E acted like a spoiled brat even pulling out a teddy bear from my parents and just tossing it behind him and digging further until he found the candy. I keep telling my mom she doesn’t have to give us gifts at the extended gathering, but she always says she doesn’t want us to be left out. Everyone else gets us stuff, though, so I don’t understand this. It was good to see everyone, though, as it’s gotten to where I don’t see a lot of them except at Christmas since this family doesn’t get together for Thanksgiving. One of the things Elijah got, though, was a trampoline from one of my aunts and uncles. It’s a little thing, about three feet square, and it took Steve and I an hour and a half the next morning to get it together! Hopefully E won’t break his neck…

Girls and their dogs Monday, of course, was the 24th and Christmas Eve. Each year we trade off with my family and with Steve’s on where we spend Christmas Eve. We’ll schedule a date with the other family (hence mine on Saturday). So we went over to his parents house and everyone was able to be there, of course. The boys all spent the afternoon fooling around and shooting clays and what not – I shot a few times but it was my first time with a moving target so, of course, I missed every one. Steve even took Elijah out and helped him shoot the .22. I didn’t realize this at the time, though, so I have no photos. So sad. The girls and I mostly hung around the house and after dinner we broke out the Da Vinci’s Challenge game which is a ton of fun and has become our yearly tradition. Of course, like at Thanksgiving, the boys all got agitated at us, claiming that the louder they turned the TV, the louder we get… well, duh, if we can’t hear each other, we have to talk louder! Halfway through the game we paused to open presents. Each family is chaotic when it comes to the opening gifts but Santa was in a hurry this year, and was just calling out names and then throwing gifts over his shoulder in the person’s direction. (lol, my father-in-law, love him.) So it was extra crazy, but nothing got broken! My sister-in-law really made me smile though. I had messaged her Friday about the wine she’d brought to Thanksgiving, but I was unable to find it in this crazy town so she added a bottle to our gifts – a nice surprise.

Elijah was nutso, so it was time to go home, somewhat “early.” I carried him in because he’d fallen asleep on the way home and when we got to the living room he woke up and asked if he could jump on the trampoline. I put him down and said, ok, if he took off his shoes. I went outside to get the rest of the stuff from the Jeep and when I got back, Elijah was in bed! I asked Steve and he didn’t put him to bed, he went alone! Amazing! HAHA! So this morning, when normally he’d be wearing pajamas in Christmas Day photos, he was wearing the clothes he’d worn the night before… oops!

Cars, Cars, Cars! So there you are, you’re all caught up on our Christmas so far. Elijah’s been quite good playing with all his new stuff, that’s a big plus. And now it’s about time for me to get ready to head to Steve’s grandma’s. We like to spend Christmas Day at home alone but he wanted to go see his grandma at the same time his family does, so that’s what we’re doing this afternoon. We don’t go to their Christmas Eve thing. This won’t be anything big, though, just talking a bit and giving her our presents and such.

The rest of the week? Steve’s taken vacation so he’s not back to work until January 2nd. It’s working out perfectly, and it was really nice him being home on Christmas Eve all day. We hope to get some stuff done this week, like getting rid of some junk that’s taking up room in the basement and such. So hopefully we’ll have a productive week!

Merry Christmas, everyone!