Baby Gun

Earlier today we went shopping in order for the boys to spend their Christmas money. I kind of got screwed on the gift card from my grandpa but then again, I did willingly give it to Elijah. He got a radio control Jeep and six more Cars die cast cars and doubled his collection.

Anyway, at the first store we were at where Steve was using his gift card from my parents, there occurred the following conversation:

Steve: Elijah, you want a BB gun?

Val: No, you’ll shoot your eyes out! (It was a Red Ryder)

Steve: Did you even get to watch that movie this year?

Val: NO! No one lets me watch it anymore! (It’s true, everyone’s so mean to me.)

Steve: *haha neener neener* Elijah, you want a BB gun?

Elijah: A db gun?

Val: See, he doesn’t even know what a “db gun” is.

Steve: A BB gun.

Elijah: No!!! We can’t shoot the babies!!

Okay, well we thought it was funny!