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So, I’m totally inspired by a Flickr contact of mine: Jamie. However, in specific, some images you’re most likely not allowed to see, since she’s got them marked for friends & family. But what she’s started doing is creating digital scrapbook pages (some are public). A light went off in my head, you see, because I’m about two years behind in my scrapbooking.

I used to do these great pages, but I was in high school and then college and the newly married then. As time went on, my scrapbooks got smaller and less… fancy (?) until I was using a 6×9 spiral book. I really do love these, but I don’t guess they’re made for the long haul. A lot of it ended up being a single 5×7 photo with some decoration and text around it. Yeah, I know… w00t.

So I’ve been messing with this today and yesterday and here’s what I have so far, not counting the few I did with the collage maker that I’m not uploading (think I’m gonna try and re-do those):

Scrapbook: Gingerbread House

Scrapbook: Cell Phone Favorites

Do we like? The first is E decorating the gingerbread house last week and the second consists of only cell phone shots. Do you think I’m over doing the graphics?

I did buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 — using the trial now, love it — from that link, on Amazon, it’s got a rebate right now so it will *only* be $61.99 when all is said and done rather than the $99 from So if you’re interested, hit that link, it is cheaper than CS3 and has everything I need. (I’ve been using a version of 7 someone gave me a few years ago.)