almost makes me feel like I’m being stalked

So this is very weird…

Many moons ago we were just driving around town and happened to see a cute brick home for sale by owner. I knew it was probably unaffordable for us, but I was really curious anyway (we’re always looking for deals, too, you never know what might happen), so a few days later I called and left the guy a voice mail asking about the house.

A few days after that, the guy called and it ended up being a conversation about me, and who we are, what we do, etc. I don’t know why I kept answering his questions, but he found out more about us than I did about the house. And the real kicker? He refused to tell me the price he was asking for the house. Refused! Said he’d rather we come look at it first, could we do that this weekend? No, I told him for the fortieth time, we’re not serious right now, we’re just looking around. Because, to be honest, I want to know the asking price up front because I don’t want to fall in love with something and then find out I can’t afford it, amongst other reasons. I don’t even remember everything he did tell me about the house, just that I knew they weren’t living it anymore, they’d already moved an hour north of here. (more…)

the death of a plant and near destruction of a fan

Caught in the Act Today we went to my friend T’s for a play date and my other friend, L, came, too. We all three have boys about the same age (though the other two are both about six months younger than Elijah). My friend L also has an 8-month-old.

We were all in the other room and the boys were supposed to be in the playroom. T went to check on them because they were quiet. I heard her exclaim, “Oh, my, gosh! Just kill me now!” I went in there and passed her in the hallway – she went and laid down on the couch. I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying or what. I then had my “oh my gosh” moment and had to get the camera. Not because they were cute but for… I dunno, blackmail purposes later or something. There they were, all three of them, laughing and giggling and taking leaves from my friend’s plant and shoving them into the running fan. By the time I got back the second time, L’s kid was hiding under the bed. Mine stood there and grinned for the photo (that I took very quickly) as he apparently had no idea he was going to get in trouble for it. The plant, though? I do think it will live, hopefully the losing of nearly all its leaves won’t shock it to death, but it was a sentimental thing for my friend, from a funeral.


Crazy Child

Time’s getting short before my family is coming over for a Christmas gathering so today I had Sarah over to help me out a bit. I had asked her a couple of weeks ago if she’d like to earn some money by cleaning Elijah’s room, and she accepted. Man, that kid, meaning my kid, is a friggin mess. That room used to be so cute when he was born but, wow, when Sarah pulled his bed away from the wall I was horrified. I mean, it’s obvious, of course, where he’s pulled off the paint from the walls but I had no idea that we hadn’t already gotten it all thrown away and that he’d shoved it between his bed and the wall. Nor did I have any idea that he had been taking bread, eating one bite, then hiding the rest of the piece in there, either. Talk about yick!

I tried to fix the blinds, too, but that was quickly found to be impossible. I had to take them down and now neither of his windows have blinds, only curtains. That’s aggravatting because I’ve told him countless times to leave them alone and because those were good blinds, keeping the sun out of his room in the early mornings. (more…)

Snow, snow, snow

Well we did get some snow, only about two inches here, but enough up a bit north of us that they canceled church services for last Sunday. So we went instead to my in-laws and let Elijah play in the snow. He had a blast and took two bouts with inside playtime between. Of course, he was quite upset when it was time to leave and threw his customary fit.

Sledding Oops! Snow Angel! Free Rides Snow Angels

The thing about snow though, is that it makes even the ugly seem beautiful. It makes the winter more bearable for those of us who don’t like the cold so much – it’s so pretty and, of course, fun.

Winter Sky Shiny Trees Winter Wonderland Winter Evergreen Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland

So anyone else out there get snow recently? Surprisingly, this was our first snow of the year. Usually we have a small one in late October or early November. I’m hard pressed to remember a time it waited until mid-to-late December to snow even a bit. Of course, now it’s the end of Tuesday and it’s almost already gone. It’s all muddy out there now. Sunday was the only day we got to play as I was too busy and E got into trouble yesterday and today, yeah, all muddy. I ended up having to run out of town, anyway, and sadly, not coming home with the most important things I’d had to head out for.

So, here’s a video, too, from the snow day. Enjoy :P

Actually, I’m not sure what the deal is but that video keeps lagging and jumping around – let me know if it does the same for you.

Ice, ice, baby

Two Thursday’s ago, it rained ice around here but nothing around our house really accumulated.  It started again last night around 12:30.  Didn’t accumulate much, about an inch to an inch and a half of ice, but it’s snowing out there now.

Ice balls While I’m hoping the snow doesn’t get too bad, the highlight of my day was throwing ice balls at Steve.  :P

Thankfully he didn’t reciprocate ’cause those things can be brutal.  He’s looking out the window now though, telling the sky to “c’mon and snow!”  He wants to do donuts in parking lots, apparently.

I’m almost surprised I’m not frostbit, though.  When he got back with a trailer full of wood, I helped bring it in the house and never bothered to put real shoes on – just my customary sandals.

So we’ll see what happens.  Some parts of our state are expecting something like 15 inches.  While the snow is okay, I don’t really like being cold (of course, now we have some decent wood, so that’s good) and I get frustrated if the weather hampers my plans.  ;-)

A couple more photos:

Ice on the magnolia tree  Pine tree ice