I am woman, hear me roar

Last Friday I bought a cheap elliptical. That bloody thing is heavy! I got it out of the Jeep myself, loaded it in the wagon and walked around the long way to avoid steps. Steve helped me bring it inside but then I took it upstairs by myself (piece by piece) and on Tuesday, I assembled it myself. Yes, all by myself. In between working on it, a few mistakes I made, and dealing with Elijah, it took me several hours but I got it done.

it’s that annoying time of year again

tax time!

Yes, it is time for my yearly rant on personal property taxes.

What a load of you-know-what!!!!

I seriously get aggravated every year – the blood pressure raising kind of aggravation, mind you – when the thick paper comes, asking, nay, demanding we tell the government about any new crap we’ve acquired in the last year, so they can tax us on it, again at the end of this year and every year for the rest of our mundane lives.

screams from the grocery store

Now, while we do live pretty close to St. Louis, our little town can be like a whole different world. We don’t exactly have a lot of diversity here. Historically, the French settled this place, then the Germans came. So we mostly have a bunch of white people still running around today (even some still-full-blooded Germans, like Steve’s mom, and some with slight German accents like his grandma), plus a handful of Hispanics at the Mexican restaurant, a handful of Chinese at the Chinese restaurant, and a handful of black people scattered around. The census bureau says in 2006 the county had 97.2% of white, non-Hispanic, people. That’s just the way it is, it’s not good or bad, that’s just how it is.

But that’s not to say my kid doesn’t encounter non-white people at all. Plenty of times we’ve been out of town and been surrounded by more diversity (especially when we visit family in Mississippi), plenty of times he’s been in Chinese restaurants (he loves Chinese food), he watches TV and it’s not like we watch “segregated TV,” and, heck, I’ve shown him pictures of my Hispanic relatives. In fact, the show he is watching now has what looks like a black girl, Hispanic boy, a white girl, and a male… pig.

So you can imagine my horror when…


Nothing else to say, so here’s a recent scrapbook page. I entered a challenge at scrapmatters.com that had certain requirements: one photo, two alphas, two word title, no frames, and at least eight flowers. Here was my result:

Scrapbooking: E3

It was pretty fun taking the photo I REALLY wanted to use (my kid multiplied times three) and using flowers without making it too girlie for the photo. This was actually second draft.

And here’s one for another challenge (to use a specific template). I did before & after of when Elijah got his tooth taken out:

Scrapbook: First tooth gone

Digital scrapbooking is really fun (I know, I’ve said that before) and even if I’m not out shooting any photos right now really (hey, it’s 10 degrees outside), at least I’m being somewhat creative. It was just a pain in the butt backing up all 12.2 GB of files yesterday and putting them back after my reformat!

How do you like that photo of crazy child on the right? That was the same day his tooth was out and so it was pudding for supper! He hates applesauce apparently. I figured one day of ice cream and pudding wouldn’t kill him. But that photo… cracks me up every time.


Everyone’s talking about him, why shouldn’t I? :P

By now the world (that has access to television, radio, and the internet) knows of Heath Ledger’s passing and I think that most of the people who know are surprised, though I wonder how many actually care.

Was he one of my favorites? Yes. Did I like all his movies? No. Did I see this coming? Yes. Am I surprised, though? Yes. Do I feel like he died too young? Yes. Is there a certain politician I’d love to trade him for? Yes.

The world, she still turns, and life goes on. He had all that money, the fame, and what to show for it? Just a beautiful daughter. He’s still dead. You can’t stop that, can’t buy your way out of that. Did he know that the combination of no sleep, sleeping pills, and (probably) pneumonia would cause him to go to sleep for the last time? Probably not. Was he surprised? I think so.

Just goes to show you, death is not only imminent, it is no respecter of persons. We all will die and unless you’re suicidal, we don’t know when that might be, it could be right around the corner. Make sure you have all your final arrangements in order, and I don’t just mean the funeral. Be prepared for that final exit.