Everyone’s talking about him, why shouldn’t I? :P

By now the world (that has access to television, radio, and the internet) knows of Heath Ledger’s passing and I think that most of the people who know are surprised, though I wonder how many actually care.

Was he one of my favorites? Yes. Did I like all his movies? No. Did I see this coming? Yes. Am I surprised, though? Yes. Do I feel like he died too young? Yes. Is there a certain politician I’d love to trade him for? Yes.

The world, she still turns, and life goes on. He had all that money, the fame, and what to show for it? Just a beautiful daughter. He’s still dead. You can’t stop that, can’t buy your way out of that. Did he know that the combination of no sleep, sleeping pills, and (probably) pneumonia would cause him to go to sleep for the last time? Probably not. Was he surprised? I think so.

Just goes to show you, death is not only imminent, it is no respecter of persons. We all will die and unless you’re suicidal, we don’t know when that might be, it could be right around the corner. Make sure you have all your final arrangements in order, and I don’t just mean the funeral. Be prepared for that final exit.