Nothing else to say, so here’s a recent scrapbook page. I entered a challenge at scrapmatters.com that had certain requirements: one photo, two alphas, two word title, no frames, and at least eight flowers. Here was my result:

Scrapbooking: E3

It was pretty fun taking the photo I REALLY wanted to use (my kid multiplied times three) and using flowers without making it too girlie for the photo. This was actually second draft.

And here’s one for another challenge (to use a specific template). I did before & after of when Elijah got his tooth taken out:

Scrapbook: First tooth gone

Digital scrapbooking is really fun (I know, I’ve said that before) and even if I’m not out shooting any photos right now really (hey, it’s 10 degrees outside), at least I’m being somewhat creative. It was just a pain in the butt backing up all 12.2 GB of files yesterday and putting them back after my reformat!

How do you like that photo of crazy child on the right? That was the same day his tooth was out and so it was pudding for supper! He hates applesauce apparently. I figured one day of ice cream and pudding wouldn’t kill him. But that photo… cracks me up every time.