it’s that annoying time of year again

tax time!

Yes, it is time for my yearly rant on personal property taxes.

What a load of you-know-what!!!!

I seriously get aggravated every year – the blood pressure raising kind of aggravation, mind you – when the thick paper comes, asking, nay, demanding we tell the government about any new crap we’ve acquired in the last year, so they can tax us on it, again at the end of this year and every year for the rest of our mundane lives.

On the front of the paper we’re told to fill in any vehicles we owned this January 1st. They list the vehicles you owned last January 1st and if you sold it sometime before this January 1st, you get to cross it off the list so you don’t pay for it in December.

They want to know about the mobile homes you have, the boats, trailers, etc., all on the front page. There’s even line asking if you have remodeled a building in the last year. Who in their right mind is going to say, “yes, I remodeled my bathroom with new equipment, tax me more, baby, I loves ya”? (In other words, “hurts so good.”)

Then the back is very interesting. It starts with the farm animals, yes, I said animals. They want to know how many horses, cows (and what weight they are), pigs (what type), goats, sheep, and chickens you have. Then they want to know about your farm equipment: did you get any new tractors, balers, mowers, sprayers, combines, or miscellaneous farm machinery. AND THEN!? They want to know how many bushels you have stored of your crops. They don’t even list any types, they want it ALLLLLL! You bought the seed, you did the work to plant it and reap it and the government wants to tax you on your reward??? WTF!?

Next column? More room for vehicles such as buses, airplanes, motor homes or campers, boat, snowmobiles, hydro-ski, etc.

Then, here’s the really fun part, they want to know how many computers you have as well as copiers and “etc.” “Professional tools, equipment, & fixtures…” Furniture! If you’re a hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast, of course. Please, though, computers? What is this, a Nazi state? “Tell us your radios, if you know what’s good for you, and we’ll be back to steal them later and leave you disconnected from the world.”

What I mean to say is: what the heck!?!

First of all, we pay all sorts of taxes on all this crap when we buy it the first place, how is it even legal for them to keep taxing us year after year on the stuff we already own!? Seriously, I get ticked off every year, haha. It’s just so unjust, being robbed by our own government on a daily basis. Strangely, this ticks me off more than federal income tax which is also soooo not right.

Spank me hard, US of A, spank me hard.

/rant of the day (please return now to your regularly scheduled program)