I am woman, hear me roar

Last Friday I bought a cheap elliptical. That bloody thing is heavy! I got it out of the Jeep myself, loaded it in the wagon and walked around the long way to avoid steps. Steve helped me bring it inside but then I took it upstairs by myself (piece by piece) and on Tuesday, I assembled it myself. Yes, all by myself. In between working on it, a few mistakes I made, and dealing with Elijah, it took me several hours but I got it done.

So far I’ve worked out on it twice, but not for real long. I’ve been behind in my workouts due to the shoulder pain I was having. Yes, it finally healed and so I can get back to it. But something about the elliptical is strange, I hope it’s just that I have to get used to it. It is cheaper than what I’m used to using so maybe I’m spoiled. I know the display isn’t working right (sigh) and either it’s defective or I didn’t get the wires connected in one of the places I’ve had to connect them. It comes on and the pulse works (display is battery powered), but nothing else because everything else is connected to the wheel, so I can only assume that it’s not connected. Unfortunately, rather than take the whole thing completely apart, I am going to have to wait to see if Steve can help me do it in a way where we just unscrew the main part, one of us holds the top part of the machine, and the other checks the wires. But if nothing else, I can do without it, I guess.

Something about it feels weird, though, and I’m hoping I just have to get used to it. But it’s like the 15 minutes I’ve done both today and yesterday totally killed me. Did my two weeks off cause me to be absolutely back to square one or is this machine harder? I don’t know. But oh well, 15 minutes is fine, especially if I do it at least once a day, right? Eventually I’ll work back up to a half an hour, when, hopefully, I get used to the blasted thing lol.

I also did some weights after that today. Elijah was totally freaking out about it and I said something like, be quiet, Mommy needs to be skinny. Heh. Then he told me he didn’t want me skinny that only bad people are skinny. And later on in the evening, when we were watching Hairspray, he said that Edna Turnblad was “pretty now in her dress with sparkles” after her make-over. Guess I’m lucky to have a little boy who sees beauty on the inside. :P

Of course that doesn’t change the fact I still need to get in shape!

BUT I weighed myself this afternoon and it showed me as 5lbs down from the last time I checked and so that’s good for the middle of the day, fully clothed, right? ;-)