lunch, an accident, and other stuff

So I’m kinda lame on the whole blogging front these days, hmm?

Scrapbook: 080121 Yesterday I picked up two girls – women now – that I used to have in youth when I did that kind of thing and we headed a bit south and had a lunch. Elijah was along, too, of course, and he took the opportunity to show off for them and was quite a handful. He’s so embarrassing these days, honestly, and let the waitress know just how bad she was by demanding something the few times we actually saw her.

Twice yesterday we had this scenario: E starts doing something, Mommy says “no,” E demonstrates why Mommy says “no.” This included his spilling of the chocolate milk in the restaurant only half a second after I told him not to take his lid off and the spilling of the scrambled eggs that morning after I told him to take them back in the kitchen and eat at the table like he was first told and placed. Boy, the dog was happy with that one. The waitress, not so much.

More on The Magic House

Scrapbook: The Magic House Yes, I’m going on 27 years of age and, yes, I’ve lived in the St. Louis area all my life. I had to just call my mom and see if I’d ever been to the Magic House (St. Louis Children’s Museum) and apparently I had, when I was really little, but I certainly don’t remember at all. So this past Monday was like my first visit.

So I had no idea that this place was actually a real house! Apparently it was built in 1901 by a guy named George Lane Edwards who was the first president of A. G. Edwards and Sons. He also was one of the directors for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis (so I can thank him for my existence). However, since the house became The Magic House in 1979, it’s been added onto, several times, I think, and has pretty much become unrecognizable as a house from the back or sides. The place is huge!

So, anyway, we went on the perfect day: Homeschooler day. We got to go on the day it’s normally closed to the public so the group in there wasn’t as large as what you’d normally encounter, even though it was quite crowded. At first glance, the Magic House is much like the Science Center only not free. But I think it’s better than that. In our experience at the Science Center, there’s not been much for children under school age. The Magic House had an area specifically for kids ages 1 to 6 and even a baby’s area. Of course, there were other areas of interest to my four-year-old and then areas for older kids, too. It’s great all-around.


day at the Magic House

More to come later when I’m not falling asleep, running on battery power, and on dial up, but here’s a photo of me and my boy earlier this morning at The Magic House in Kirkwood, MO.

Hall of Mirrors

We had a lot of fun.  I’d never been there before, I don’t think (if I have, it was way before I can remember),  so it was a new experience, too, even though it is a St. Louis staple.  Anyway, please don’t mind my big butt.  :P

So yeah, you like?  ;-)

tuxes and other random stuff

Today the men picked out the tuxes for my sister’s upcoming June wedding. Elijah is going to be one of THREE ring bearers. Actually, he and another Elijah (known as Eli) will be walking my niece, the flower girl, down, while the third, younger boy, carries the rings.

So he had to get fitted today and I tell you what, my little man was so handsome in the little bit of get-up he had on. He’s finally changed his mind from his previous position of “no I am not wearing a little suit” to, “can we go to the wedding today and wear the jacket?” So that’s good. :)

I wish I had photos, though, he was so darling.

Nothing else to say but that. :P

Afterwards, I saw the place my brother will be living soon then me and the now crabby boy went to a store where I saw some dude named Matt Hughes. Only found out later who he was. Haha. But cool! (Another WordPress user, too, by the way.) (more…)