CareOne: in retrospect

It was June of 2006 when I first posted that we were going to be using CareOne to try and get out of debt. I promised to keep updated but haven’t really done a good job with that, so…

We were on the CareOne program for a year and five months. During that time, our minimum payments were less than what they would have been if we’d just kept paying the cards on our own. I don’t want to be specific about a lot of the numbers, so I hope this is still understandable. We had two cards, one was very large and the other was around $1000 when we started with the program. If you kept up with the comments at the older post, you’ll know that we had a somewhat rocky start getting going with CareOne. But once that was through, they were deducting a monthly payment on the 15th and sending some to each creditor, putting $5 into some “discount” program, and keeping something like $30-35 a month for their doing the service.

Did you tooted?

E Boy So my kid has been obsessed with bodily functions lately, and it’s kind of driving me nuts. A couple of weeks ago, I told him to get something out of his room then return to me. He stopped in his doorway and said, “wait, I got to tooted.” Then he “tooted” (farted, yes, I can say it) and then laughed his little head off.

As much as it’s gotten old and stale and can be embarrassing in public, I totally have to try and not to laugh every time because I think it’s hilarious. It’s mostly hilarious because it’s always in the past sense, always “tooted” never “toot” or “tooting.”

On the upside, I have him trained well. The other night when Steve faked a “toot” noise just to get Elijah going, well, it sort of went like this:

Elijah: Daddy! Did you tooted?

Steve: No, Mommy did it!

Elijah: Nooooo, Mommy didn’t tooted. Mommy doesn’t tooted. Ladies don’t tooted.


That’s right, boys!

Hear ye, hear ye: everything should be wireless!

Ugh, what a day. Well, five hours anyway!

Today after class, I got the three of us and B (secretary) some lunch and went to the house/office that I sometimes do computer work at. It’s been a little while since I’d been there, but the printer still wasn’t printing and I had other tasks to complete. They’re switching rooms around so I had to move the daughter’s computer into the parents’ bedroom and the parents’ computer up into the over-the-garage apartment as well as setting up a printer for the lady’s laptop and fixing the printer with the office computer and cleaning the office computer.

I cleaned the office computer and while waiting for the “new” fax/print/copier to install, I went to move the first computer into the bedroom. But, alas, someone had already moved it! It was in the living room in a pile. Somehow, they’d moved it with all cables in tact, still connected everywhere, and dumped it into a big pile of wires complete with two extra mice, an extra keyboard, and some other junk. So the first task was to untangle all of that. How I wished for that computer to be equipped with everything bluetooth and otherwise wireless at that time!

est. 1784

The internet is awesome, I tell you what. Yesterday, someone contacted me via Flickr and boom, within 24 hours I have in my virtual hands photos of the house my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather built in 1784. Yup, you read right, that’s 7 greats. The photos were taken later, the lady assumes sometime around when her great-great-grandfather moved in, 1865. I’m so giddy. Go ahead, make fun of me, I know it’s coming, but dang, I’m excited!

LaBruyere/Bernays House, abt 1865 LaBruyere/Bernays House, abt 1865


Ice & Sick Again

It’s only 9:30am and already this has been one heck of a day. The head congestion started to come upon me sometime yesterday evening and no medicines helped so I didn’t sleep well last night, mostly, I’m sure, because I was unable to breathe. At most, I maybe got three hours between midnight and 3am. I know I was in and out of consciousness in the 4:00 hour, got up at 5 and got Steve’s lunch ready, checked on Elijah, stood around until Steve left.