rainy days & engagements

It’s storming outside. God’s gotta have a reason for all this rain, but heck if I know what it is. The front yard is already a mess and I’m sure the basement won’t be far behind. It “helps” when the ground’s already soaked and everyone’s gutters are overflowing. Neighbor Lady’s stuff is overflowing and will lead to eventual flooding of my basement, the guy on the other side has a lake for a front yard and the drainage ditch appears to be clogged, there might be standing water over the road. I’ve unplugged the computers but have chanced the gateway’s life on the superficial reasoning that there’s nothing else to do right now. So maybe I’ll take this time to upgrade WordPress here in a little bit.

It’s been over a week ago now, but the Saturday before Easter, I went with my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law to the Jewel Box and Botanical Gardens in St. Louis to take some engagement photos for them. It’s only early spring, though, so the plants and flowers aren’t in full bloom outside, but inside, things are gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite shots.

March Sucks

Today I’ve realized that I have been sick in some shape or form all month. First it was the sinus infection that got me the antibiotics that gave me other issues that have been carrying on for a couple of weeks now. Then I hit my head and got that concussion. Then yesterday I apparently decided to get the flu. I’m already better today than last night (oh, it was horrible yesterday) but still have head congestion, etc.

Went to the doctor this morning about my head. He wasn’t too concerned. He said we’ll see if I’m still having symptoms in a couple of weeks. I guess there’s nothing can be done anyway. He was more concerned about my congestion and tried to give me more antibiotics which I refused. So he gave me a nasal spray and told me if I’m not better by tomorrow to call so they can get me antibiotics. ugh.

My friend/neighbor has me on herbal remedies and that seems to have done more good in one night than antibiotics ever have. So I most likely won’t call the doctor tomorrow even if it’s the same but see how it is on Wednesday.

I just feel like pooty.

marriage proposal

Easter morning Elijah is totally in that OMG LYKE I LOVE YOU MOMMY stage. Every day he comes up to me and we have this conversation:

Elijah: Mommy, I love you
Mommy: I love you, too, Buddy
Elijah: Mommy, you’re prrrrrretty
Mommy: Thank you
Elijah: Mommy, you’re beautifullllll
Mommy: Thank you
Elijah: Mommy, you’re gorrrrgeous
Mommy: Thank you, Bud
Elijah: I love you, Mommy!

Yes, it’s adorable, but let’s cut it short, eh? Haha

So the other day he’s sitting in the recliner while I’m putting his socks and shoes on and he says, “Mommy, do you want to get married again?”

Mommy: Get married again? Who am I gonna marry?
Elijah: Ummmmm, Aunt Sarah!
Mommy: (really lol-ing) No, I’m not going to marry Aunt Sarah.
Elijah: Will you marry me?

Some day he’ll understand, but until then, that’s my baby!

Why I shouldn’t be allowed out into society

Apparently since hitting my head last week I’m a complete scatterbrained ditz.

Friday I kept thinking, “I’ve got to get this candle order out, I’ve got to get this candle order out.” After all, the order had been placed on Wednesday and if I’ve not shipped by the next business day my panties start to get in a bunch. So I was busting my butt to get it ready (it’s my biggest selling scent and I had to start a completely new batch for this order to be filled) and I kept thinking, “If I can get this ready and pay online before the mail lady comes, I can have her take it and I won’t have to go anywhere today.” But it wasn’t until I was printing the lady’s invoice that I realized she’d not paid me yet. She’s a pay-by-check-er, so I’d need to wait for the check to arrive in my PO Box before shipping.

Uh, whatever, Apple.

I’m currently on my laptop. I run Windows Vista. Yes, I’m becoming a Microsoft fangirl. But, I do have iTunes on here since it’s what I have on the desktop and since I have an (ancient) iPod. I also have QuickTime. I hate Quicktime. With a passion. But I have it anyway, it comes with iTunes and I guess it comes in handy if I want to view one of my cell phone videos.

So, with that being the extent of my Apple software, I was surprised when this popped up a bit ago:

Uh, yeah, I don’t have Safari but Apple wants to push it on me! I almost clicked to install without looking at it since it seems like there are constant iTunes and QuickTime updates. But look at the screenshot, it appears as if Safari has/is an update, rather than optional software.

So, uh, what’s the deal, Apple?