Why I shouldn’t be allowed out into society

Apparently since hitting my head last week I’m a complete scatterbrained ditz.

Friday I kept thinking, “I’ve got to get this candle order out, I’ve got to get this candle order out.” After all, the order had been placed on Wednesday and if I’ve not shipped by the next business day my panties start to get in a bunch. So I was busting my butt to get it ready (it’s my biggest selling scent and I had to start a completely new batch for this order to be filled) and I kept thinking, “If I can get this ready and pay online before the mail lady comes, I can have her take it and I won’t have to go anywhere today.” But it wasn’t until I was printing the lady’s invoice that I realized she’d not paid me yet. She’s a pay-by-check-er, so I’d need to wait for the check to arrive in my PO Box before shipping.

But then I realized I did have to go somewhere. Steve’s been on me for the last week or so to go to the insurance place to ask about getting the Jeep’s windshield replaced. We got hit by a rock about a month ago and then while we had all the ice and such, that one chip decided it was going to crack all across the windshield. It has to be replaced to relicense it next month. By the way, the answer is that we have a $250 deductible on glass breakage. (To which Steve says wtf?)

So then it was to the license bureau to pay for the next year of plates for his truck, another thing he’s been harassing me to do and it had to be done by the end of this month. So we go in and the girl starts to help me. I give her the paper and the 2007 personal property taxes receipt. (Which, by the way, took me forever to find before I left. I found every other year first. Go figure.) So she says she needs to see the insurance card. I start rummaging through my purse then I say I’ll have to go out to the Jeep to get it. She says she needs the insurance card for the truck, and that’s my first “duh” moment. I don’t have that one. I’m totally dreading going back to the insurance place to get a copy, not wanting to wait until Monday for Steve to leave me a copy. But I notice there’s a fax machine, can the insurance place fax it over? Sure, here’s our fax number. So I get out my cell phone and proceed to call… the fax number. Second “duh” moment. She looks me up the number in the yellow pages. I call, insurance lady obliges, we wait for a couple of minutes before it’s faxed over.

The other sign? I actually started this post on Friday. And now I’ve forgotten the rest of my craziness of Friday. Oh, I remember there was more, but what, I’m not sure. It continues, too. This morning (Sunday) I forgot only a couple of things, but they were important things. I was kind of slow editing because I kept getting sidetracked and even completed some tasks twice… needlessly, of course.

Not to mention there’s the physical part of it all. Still, if I spend too much time walking or am too active, etc., I get pain in my head. Also at night when I’m starting to get tired, I start to hurt. I only made that connection now.

It’s so weird though, the pain. I can’t fully describe how it feels. Usually it’s not something that’s migraine level, but it is painful… hence “pain.”

Yeah, I tend to say some strange things sometimes, too. Repeat myself. Repeat myself. You know.

When will it all end!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH, will I ever be normal again?