marriage proposal

Easter morning Elijah is totally in that OMG LYKE I LOVE YOU MOMMY stage. Every day he comes up to me and we have this conversation:

Elijah: Mommy, I love you
Mommy: I love you, too, Buddy
Elijah: Mommy, you’re prrrrrretty
Mommy: Thank you
Elijah: Mommy, you’re beautifullllll
Mommy: Thank you
Elijah: Mommy, you’re gorrrrgeous
Mommy: Thank you, Bud
Elijah: I love you, Mommy!

Yes, it’s adorable, but let’s cut it short, eh? Haha

So the other day he’s sitting in the recliner while I’m putting his socks and shoes on and he says, “Mommy, do you want to get married again?”

Mommy: Get married again? Who am I gonna marry?
Elijah: Ummmmm, Aunt Sarah!
Mommy: (really lol-ing) No, I’m not going to marry Aunt Sarah.
Elijah: Will you marry me?

Some day he’ll understand, but until then, that’s my baby!