March Sucks

Today I’ve realized that I have been sick in some shape or form all month. First it was the sinus infection that got me the antibiotics that gave me other issues that have been carrying on for a couple of weeks now. Then I hit my head and got that concussion. Then yesterday I apparently decided to get the flu. I’m already better today than last night (oh, it was horrible yesterday) but still have head congestion, etc.

Went to the doctor this morning about my head. He wasn’t too concerned. He said we’ll see if I’m still having symptoms in a couple of weeks. I guess there’s nothing can be done anyway. He was more concerned about my congestion and tried to give me more antibiotics which I refused. So he gave me a nasal spray and told me if I’m not better by tomorrow to call so they can get me antibiotics. ugh.

My friend/neighbor has me on herbal remedies and that seems to have done more good in one night than antibiotics ever have. So I most likely won’t call the doctor tomorrow even if it’s the same but see how it is on Wednesday.

I just feel like pooty.

Added to say that now Elijah has a fever and a runny nose. Sigh.