Yup, me internet be working again! My great sister-in-law gave me her gateway since they don’t have high speed internet where she’s moved and guess what? Yup, it works perfectly! No more constant disconnecting and the wireless light is actually green, hehe. So I guess what ATT’s gateway “expert” told me was wrong, I was right all along! :P

So anyway, I’ve got this dilemma. Basically.

Fishing with Daddy

The last time the boys went fishing, I was out of town. This time, we all went. Just for a few minutes the other day after dinner, before it got dark.

I get the feeling this time around wasn’t as fun for Steve as the last time, he said Elijah behaved better last time, though I kept feeling like Elijah was relatively good. On the other hand, it also seemed like he wanted to show off for Mommy.

No sooner, however, had Steve first cast Elijah’s line for him when a fish jumped on it and I got my favorite photo of the evening:

the gods of the internet have decided I should play more Sims 2

The god of the internet (Al Gore) is clearly letting me know he wants me off the internet, apparently. The other day, I noticed we had no dial tone with the home line, yet the DSL had always worked. ATT came out yesterday to fix the phone line. Something was wrong with the box down the street, the tech said. But my internet started to get flaky earlier in the day and it’s just been acting really weird.

live reboot

Yup-o. Having a somewhat live reboot here.

I’ll have credits up for the graphics very soon. ‘Cause as you all know, I suck bad enough with graphics of my own that I’m not able to even get these to tile, hence the fixed background. But it’s not too bad, is it?

um, how rude.

When we were at the circus last Thursday, they took a twenty minute intermission to set up the tiger cage, and a lot of people filed out to use the bathroom, get snacks, and what not. Elijah and I stayed put and I was leaning over, talking to him, my head sort of down. Leaning towards my left, towards the direction the people were coming from. From out of the corner of my eye, I see one of Steve’s first cousins.