Had a little fair today, probably only one of two I’m going to do this year, the other in October. This was at a little church in the county. They do this fair to kick off their VBS week, this is the third year, I think. So they have all sorts of things for the kids to do, too, and music all day.

It was hot but not too terribly unbearable though it eventually started to get to me so that I think I was starting to get sick. I’m good now though! I didn’t sell out, of course, but I did pretty good especially for the size of it and that there was no entry fee for me. One lady asked me for a specific scent I do, which surprised me, because I guess I didn’t expect anyone to remember/know.

Steve came by with Elijah though, and the kid had a blast:

Elijah & Jayden Water Slide poser Looking at the shots

There’s more but I’m too lazy to go get them from my Flickr account right now. :P

Those second two photos, though… they had a booth area set up for getting your photo taken and Elijah started hamming it up right away. He was striking all sorts of poses, it was hilarious. They’re going to email me all the photos though, so I can’t wait to see them!

Um, time for bed now, methinks. I am exhausted, once again… however, I can’t seem to make my body move…

of nests, & dresses, & shoes, & the dentist, &…

So today I had to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding that’s in June. I tried the dress on last week to get a feel and I was really discouraged. But now that the top has been pinned where they’re going to take it in, I feel better, it was way too big for me. However, while I am no longer calling the dress “The Purple Nightmare,” I don’t feel so great about the money I’m dropping, haha. So far I’ve figured up that between mine and Elijah’s clothing (he’s the ring bearer), I’m running at $414. I’m probably forgetting something, too. Oh, well. This just means she’d better love me. :P

Facebook hates TinyURL -or- Facebook is on crack

One of my Facebook friends sent me a private message and so, of course, I was answering the message. I typed up my response, it wasn’t terribly long and I only had included two links, no multimedia. When I hit send, though, this is the message I received:

Facebook is on Crack

Now, in case that image is failing for some reason, Facebook gave me the message: “Content rejected. Some of the content you included in this message is not allowed by Facebook.”

Yes, as you can see, my friend was asking me about the digital scrapbooking pages I uploaded last night. So what was in my message? Two links and some text about photos, digital scrapbooking freebies, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Not only, though, did Facebook not send my message, it also didn’t save it, or show me where I’d gone wrong so I could edit… whatever it was… out of the message.

I tried again.

Got the same message.


Because I suck extra-bad at titles lately.

Um so there was a little gathering – mostly family – for one of my sisters-in-law who just graduated college with her Bachelor’s degree. It was pretty fun, though boring in the retelling I think. :)

Took some photos though, of course (!), including one of Goth Elijah:

Black Tongue

Yeah, her school colors were red and black, so the bottom border of the cake was black icing. :) This stuff was hard to clean off him, too, haha.

Ummm… so very typical of me. I started this post hours ago then forgot about it so. Goodnight. :)