Facebook hates TinyURL -or- Facebook is on crack

One of my Facebook friends sent me a private message and so, of course, I was answering the message. I typed up my response, it wasn’t terribly long and I only had included two links, no multimedia. When I hit send, though, this is the message I received:

Facebook is on Crack

Now, in case that image is failing for some reason, Facebook gave me the message: “Content rejected. Some of the content you included in this message is not allowed by Facebook.”

Yes, as you can see, my friend was asking me about the digital scrapbooking pages I uploaded last night. So what was in my message? Two links and some text about photos, digital scrapbooking freebies, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Not only, though, did Facebook not send my message, it also didn’t save it, or show me where I’d gone wrong so I could edit… whatever it was… out of the message.

I tried again.

Got the same message.

Had a thought and I removed the first link. It went through. Yup, the problem was the tinyURL link I’d included as a short link to show where one can get Elements 6 cheaper: tinyurl.com/2co7c4.

So I’m guessing that Facebook doesn’t like TinyURL because it can’t follow it and know what the link is to create a preview? I went to the help pages, the section about messaging and all I can find regarding links in messages is the following:

There are two main ways to include a link in your message.

1. Start by clicking “Add Link” in the “Attach” section below the Message field. Next, copy and paste a link to any sort of media (blog, news article, website, video, music) into the “Share link” box and then click “Attach.”
2. When you are not on Facebook, use our Share functionality (either in the form of our Share Bookmarklet or the Share on Facebook Links) to send a message with the link to that site included in the message.

In both of these cases, the links you are sharing will generate previews that will be visible in the body of your message.

I never use either of these methods. I put the link in, Facebook creates the preview, and I usually remove the preview because it’s friggin’ annoying.

So, what’s the deal, Facebook? Much like when I wrote about Yahoo’s Captcha (over two years ago), I think it’s ridiculous that the message is not saved. Facebook should let us know what’s not allowed, at least in the FAQ, but moreso in the error message itself. How can one follow the rules if he/she doesn’t know what they are? :)