Contest Winners & a Scraplift

Wellllllllll, I only had five entries :P So, everyone wins! Just here in a bit I’ll be sending out giftcards to all entries in the songbirdavenue contest.

Here are the entries! (In the order of submission.) Great stuff, everyone :)

Michelle Buge April

Becky Anne

And thanks to my two judges Linda & Letti! Sorry for making you choose winners only to just blow on by your choices like this, lol.

boy who moons

Unfortunately, I just made the mistake of repeating to Steve something Elijah did earlier today, in front of Elijah.

You see, Sheila was here and getting ready to leave. Elijah’s pants were falling down again and I said, “I thought those would fit him but even with that belt he can’t keep them up ’cause he has no butt!”

getting back to normal?

As I said the other day, I don’t feel like I’ve been myself all this year. The horrible sinus infections and other sicknesses, the head injury and concussion, the miscarriage… I just haven’t been me this year, it seems.

But now, the wedding is over so I don’t have to think about that anymore, I can even cut my hair now if I want, heh. My body seems to have fully recovered from the miscarriage now, though people are telling me I still have to take it easy. I feel okay, though.